Saturday, October 20 2018

Pan Sexual, Open Play Party w/ house Top, Master Hines! Saturday, Oct. 20th

Join us for another wickedly entertaining evening of deviance and debauchery!

Sacred Muse and Black Thorn: Lake Merritt area

Dress code:
High Fetish, Sexy, Dapper, Dashing!

Advance Tickets:

Fetlife Event (RSVP Appreciated):

You are cordially invited to join us on a night of pleasure and abandon, decadence and deviance for a Double Dungeon extravaganza in Black Thorn and Sacred Muse, the East Bay's sexiest, gothic dungeons.

Welcoming, clean, and beautiful, Black Thorn and Sacred Muse together feature over 20 well appointed, safe, and versatile play stations that are available to accommodate a diverse array of role play scenarios and fetish interests.

Don't be shy, come out to play! People from all walks of life, gender identities, sexual orientations, Tops, bottoms, switches, and respectfully curious are welcome!

Matchmaking Facilitation:

Anyone interested in meeting new play partners will receive a white rope to tie around their wrist at the door. This is not our previously implemented matchmaking game but rather a simpler version of the same idea. There are no identifiers for Top or bottom.

All event guests wearing the white rope are highly encouraged to approach each other and initiate a conversation. The orientation of the other person will be a mystery. This can be a conversation starter and even if two Tops or two bottoms meet in dialog, maybe new friendships can be formed! As always, do not approach anyone engaged in a scene.

Sweet and savory snacks, sublime music, tantalizing visuals, cleaning supplies, safe play materials, and water will be provided.

Please note that no illegal activity is allowed on premises and all play is safe, sane and consensual between adults of legal age.

This event is limited to 21 and over. Be prepared to show ID.

House Rules and Play Party Etiquette:

Important NEWS! Black Thorn Shuttle Service! Please help keep our neighbors happy! (Not required but appreciated):

Now you can RELAX and not worry about finding parking or walking around at night with your toy bag, by using our convenient, dungeon shuttle service! Attendees can get to know each other and even negotiate scenes during the ride!

I look forward to seeing you all!

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