Saturday, November 23 2019
2:00pm - 5:00pm

Shibari Suspension with Connection: A 3 hour workshop w/ Doron Shibari!

"Learn to move our partner from the ground, to semi suspension, to full suspension without losing intimacy and connection!"

Shibari suspensions are a wonderful partner dynamic which can really enhance your play. They are intense and beautiful yet need technical proficiency and a connection between Rope Top and Bottom.

Sacred Muse

Advanced Tickets:

In this workshop, we will learn to move our partner from the ground, to semi suspension, to full suspension without losing intimacy and connection.

We will touch upon:

- Safety issues.
- TK for suspension.
- Body placement and support.
- Communicating with your partner during the tie.
- Aesthetics.
- Top Line Management.


Top should be comfortable tying a structurally solid 2-rope, TK(gote shibari, box tie) and be competent in basic single and double column ties. If they do not wish to use a box tie for the workshop, it's fine to tie a hands-free chest harness, instead.

Bottoms should be comfortable being tied in a gote shibari/TK, and be competent in monitoring themselves for nerve/circulation issues & communicating same to the rope top.

Suspension bondage is an advanced technique and hazardous. In order to ensure the safety of participants, the instructor will assess student skill level at beginning of and during the workshop.

As the workshop progresses, students who find it too advanced can continue to practice material already learned on the ground and in semi suspension positions.

Due to the detailed and time-intensive nature of this workshop, choosing one person in the duo to tie will be optimal.

To ensure personal attention to each participant, class size will be limited to 8 duos. Due to the small class size, early registration is highly recommended.

This workshop is appropriate for all genders, sexual orientations, and body types.

Please Bring:

At least 9, 7 to 8 meter ropes, 5.5 - 6mm in diameter. Hemp or Jute is recommended.

It's also helpful to have some shorter lengths of rope in your kit.

Please bring gear for hanging your top rig from the ceiling hard points.

A suspension ring, slings and carabineers are what we would recommend for this workshop.

Instructor Bio:

About 7 years ago I discovered Shibari and fell in love with it. The esthetics, the endless possibilities and the ability to communicate with my partner through ropes made me feel more alive than ever. The total surrender of my bottom, creating within her emotions she hadn't known existed, making her beautiful in my ropes. This is what I was looking for.

Since then, I have performed countless times in front of crowds (many of them with my wonderful partner @GoldieSunshine), and have been teaching rope and Shibari for over 5 years.

For questions about equipment, class prerequisites or the instructor, contact me on Fetlife: ron_ropes_tlv or on my Facebook page: Doron Shibari.

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