Saturday, November 21 2020
8:00pm - 11:00pm

Rendevouz - an online play event for meeting new playmates!

Meet and play with numerous, new play partners in the virtual realm!

Are you looking to meet new playmates online? Rendevouz offers you the chance to meet and play with numerous, new play partners in a Zoom based play party platform that focuses on virtual, one-on-one Domination scenes. Couples are welcome.

Saturday, Nov. 21st
8PM - 11PM PST

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The goal for this themed play party is to allow numerous, new people to meet and play in a way that feels safe, exploratory, and fun!

Virtual play is only as limited as your imagination! Some ideas for virtual scenes are strip teases, directed self inflicted punishment, command based behavioral control, protocol training, and erotic humiliation.

What are some other creative ideas that you can come up with? What are some common household items that are pervertible? You don't need fancy toys for a powerful scene.

MxBliss, who recently taught, "Quarantine Scene", will be giving a talk on socially distant, virtual play ideas and concepts during the Black Thorn Munch, which will proceed Rendevouz on Thursday, Nov. 19th,

Hereís how it works:

Upon entry to the party, everyone will add to their screen name, before their name and in parenthesis, either an upper case D for Dominant, lower case s for submissive, D/s for switch, E for exhibitionist, or V for voyeur. For example, if Ann identifies as a submissive, she will change her name to (s)Ann. Please use an anonymous screen name and include your preferred pronoun.

Acronyms can be changed at any time. Those with a (V) for voyeur are expected to not be looking to play but rather prefer to watch, and those with a (E) before their name are exhibitionists who expressly prefer to play with themselves.

Use the Zoom ID number when joining the event to change your screen name.

Hereís a break down:

(D) name = Dominant
(s) name = submissive
(D/s) name = switch
(E) name = exhibitionist
(V) name = voyeur

Once screen name orientation is identifiable, participants will move into a Social Room and offer a brief introduction to the group. During and after introductions, participants are able to privately reach out to one another using the chat feature to request a scene and negotiate ideas, interests, limits, and safe words or gestures.

Having a brief description of your interests and limits ready to copy / paste into the chat box will save typing time. After chat negotiations are complete, new play partners will head into a Play Room to begin their scene. Numerous Play Rooms will be set up and ready. Zoom has recently updated their platform so that participants can move freely through breakout rooms without the help of the host.

It is recommended that scenes run no longer than 15 to 20 minutes to give everyone time to meet a variety of new playmates. Of course, itís up to the play partners to determine how long they want to play together.

When a scene has wrapped up, participants will head back into the Social Room to find another playmate. Participants are also welcome to use the Social Room for casual chit chat and catching up.

There will be several Dungeon Monitors in attendance at this party. They are there to ensure rules are followed and to enforce them as needed. The acronym, DM, will be attached to their screen name. DMs will be moving between the rooms to observe scenes and check on participants regularly.

We hope you can join us for Rendevouz, an exciting, new event! Don't be shy, come out to play! People from all walks of life, gender identities, sexual orientations, and respectfully curious are welcome.

We look forward to seeing you,
Jezebel, HeatherFeathers, and Allie

Play Party Rules:

- All play is safe, sane, and consensual between adults of legal age.
- Do not pressure anyone to play if your invitation has been declined.
- Everyone has the right to end a scene for any reason with no questions asked.
- Disrespectful behavior is grounds for expulsion.
- Do not engage in a scene without prior negotiation.
- Make limits, boundaries, and triggers explicitly clear during negotiations.
- Consent violators will be ejected from the event.
- Cameras must be on. No lurkers.
- No recording or screen shots. Violating this rule can result in a permanent ban.
- No self bondage without safety shears or keys within usable reach.
- No self cutting.
- No autoerotic asphixiation.
- For questions or concerns reach out to DMs or the host, Jezebel.

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