Monday, January 29 2018
7:00pm - 9:00pm

A Foundations Class

Cost: Suggested donation of $10-$15

Dress code: Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Street wear before entering

Doors open 6:30-7 sharp, class starts promptly at 7:00

Class Description:
Integrity is often cited as a core value of the leather community and is one of the values often associated with groups that value discipline and right action. Integrity is closely allied with another common expression heard often around the leather community, “I have your back”. The usual definition of integrity, ”alignment of thought, word, and deed”, is only a symptom of integrity, neither what integrity is, nor a useful tool for getting there. This talk explores what integrity actually is, what difficulties interfere with having and expressing integrity, and the challenge each of us must face and overcome to truly live in integrity.

Presenter Bio:
Silver Gryphon's earliest pre-teen fantasies were kinky. He was introduced to the most lovely depravities of the SF scene in the late 70's. He identified as a gender queer leather faerie, until about 12 years ago when he fell into the formal leather scene of the first San Francisco Bay Area Journeyman 3 Academy, was Lead Mentor in the next Academy, and then became the HeadMaster as it transitioned to LeatherQuest. As he was graduating from J3A, he created HumanAlive out of ManAlive to support authenticity and stop violating in our authority exchange relationships. He has facilitated HA several nights a week every since. He has been the HeadMaster of three J3a/LQ academies, has founded 2 leather families and been a member of several others. He has served a number of wonderful and powerful people over the years who have been his submissives, slaves, major domos, consorts, pets, boys, bois, girls, etc. All of this work has been conscious repayment for the gifts given him by those more skilled, knowledgable and practiced in the subtle arts of BDSM. When his original mentors and their generation died in the plague, people could no longer learn by apprenticeship so he began teaching classes as a way to give back to those who had so generously taught him.

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