Friday, October 18 2019
7:30pm - 2:00am

Meet Market XIV - The Bravery Auction & the Meet Rack

Your Kinky Auction Party!


Location: SF Citadel - 181 Eddy Street - Map
Cost: $25 at the door (cash or credit card)
Dress code: Anything that makes you feel kinky, sexy, hot! Be daring, be BRAVE!

Call for Bravery

One of the aspects to living your best kinky life is that, in some key ways, it's radically different from a vanilla life. Sure, the sex is different. The sensations, behaviors, goals, agreements, tools, techniques, communication, etc. are all different. We take classes, watch others, and learn how to embrace those differences and work towards our goals in a way most vanilla people don't apply towards their sex/kink life.

But one of the things that you don't see classes about, that you pretty much have to navigate on your own, or with advice from close friends, is the the emotional and personal landscape that it takes to fully embrace your kink.

It takes Bravery. It takes bravery to look inside yourself and come face to face with the desires you have which society tells you aren't "normal". The sadist who faces her inner "monster" and still thinks of themselves as a good person. The masochist who gets past "I like pain, I must be broken". A submissive who comes to grips with the dichotomy of "I want to be a CEO in the day and a urinal at night". We fear so many things. Rejection, humiliation or shaming, and judgement for our desires; and we beat ourselves up: "I'm not pretty enough", "I'm too old", "I'm unlovable", "I'm not good at this", etc.

It's not just the struggle of self acceptance. To live kinky you either erect walls in your life or you tear down those barriers by sharing this part of your life with friends, family, lovers, co-workers, and so forth. Those revelations can be difficult messages to bring, can alter the fabric of your relationships, and can cost you friends and loved ones.

Stating your inner desires, even just to yourself, can be difficult. Embracing them is courageous. Communicating them to the world, putting yourself "out there" can be terrifying and takes Bravery.

So, this Auction party we're dedicating to the Bravery that we're all showing by being part of this kinky community. And, we're also challenging you to ask yourself, is there anything more?

This is a call for Bravery. Is there anything else that you want to try? Are you a "rope bunny" who wants to tie? Do you want to use crayons but just can't see yourself sitting and coloring? Perhaps you just want to let go in a way you've never tried. We all have things that we haven't explored yet... perhaps from fear, from lack of knowledge, or perhaps just because we don't have an appropriate partner for it.

We're challenging you, at this auction, to test your limits. Put yourself up for auction for something you've wanted to try. Buy someone which tests your desires. Go up on the Meet Rack and see how it feels. Communicate more openly than you're normally comfortable with. Be daring, be bold, be Brave.


Responding to the call for Bravery (e.g. If you're going up, let the world know here

Doors open at 7:30 (unless you're taking the Pre-party Introduction class in which case doors open at 6:50.)

As always, Auction Cards will be available at the bar in the main play area. We'll also be continuing with bidding cards and electronic money instead of envelopes. So look for instructions when you arrive.

And we will be running the Meet Rack again!

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