Saturday, December 7 2019
1:00pm - 4:00pm

SF Citadel Case Scenarios Dungeon Monitor Training

Back by popular demand, and completely updated for the new SF Citadel management and rules!

This presentation will lead you through specific scenarios you might encounter in a public play environment, and is the first step in becoming an SF Citadel Dungeon Monitor (DM).

*You are welcome to attend even if you are not interested in volunteering as a Dungeon Monitor (DM), as this class will provide useful information about playspace safety and incident management, as well as orientation to dungeon rules and etiquette.*

This class is only offered twice a year, so mark it on your calendars!

The DMing philosophy presented in this class is centered around seeing the DM as being a scene facilitator and customer service role. We do *not* believe in DMs being “scene police” or overly interventionist. This class teaches aspiring DMs not to interfere in ongoing scenes except in cases of clear, immediate, and serious danger to LIFE, LIMB, or Citadel property.

Case Scenarios is very different from most other DM training or dungeon orientations -- after less than 30 minutes of lecture, the instructors get down to actually SHOWING scenarios and facilitating the process of class participants troubleshooting these situations.

The Citadel believes that the best way to learn how to DM is by actually DMing and practicing the decision making and intervention process in realistic situations. By providing concentrated examples of many problems a DM might encounter, this class will provide "real life" training that will serve both experienced and novice DMs well. You could work 20 shadow shifts and never encounter the number of difficult situations that you will see and manage in the three hours of this class!

Please be aware that this class contains content, including depiction of consent violations, that some people may find triggering.

*Note that if you are interested in DMing, this class *alone* does not qualify you to DM (there are additional steps to complete)! See this thread for more information on how to become a DM for the SF Citadel:*

* Class from 1pm-4pm, doors open at 12:30pm
* Offered at NO COST, however donations are much appreciated.

What people are saying about Case Scenarios:

* "Very entertaining and informative for sure...We had a great time...I think you guys should take that show on the road - you'd be a hit everywhere!"
* "The Case Scenarios DM training class was fantastic, very informative, it allowed me to view scenarios that I would have maybe never thought about, or even seen for many years. It will not only help me immensely as a DM but in considering my own dungeon etiquette."
* "Both informational and hilarious."
* "This is the best DM training I've ever attended. The style of instruction was so engaging. Thank you!"
* "It flew by... awesome."
* "My thanks to you both for hosting such a beneficial class. The hands-on experience was great, and while I am shy, it just felt right to participate thanks to the environment you created."
* “Educational, comical, sincere, and very engaging!”

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