Tuesday, April 28 2020
11:30am - 1:00pm

Uncensored Yoga with Lucid Dawn

Tickets are presale only

Lucid Dawn is BACK!
Join us for our 2020 yoga/movement series every 2nd & 4th Tuesday nights!

We will have a slightly different format for our classes this year. These Movement Circles will be held in an intentional container that we create together each session.

Our intention is to create ritual space where we use movement, sound, breath & awareness practices to raise up our life force energy, to strengthen our bodies, to ease our minds, and to create and direct healing energy for ourselves, our communities & maybe the world. Practices will be largely (but not only) based in Yoga (therapeutic & flow) & Non-Dual Tantrik Philosophy. We may also weave in connecting games and theatrical exercises on occasion.

All of your requests and inquiries are welcome. All practices are still uncensored, sex-positive, & death realizing in nature - sacred profane sensibilities in full effect.

In these times of turbulence and change - in socio-political structures, weather patterns and so much more - it is crucial to have practices that help us find and strengthen our center. As well, it is vital to have community to be our expanded center - a place to vision together - to be seen, heard, to learn, to grieve, heal and renew. Let us grow the world we want to live in - through ourselves - with the life force of our bodies - with the power of our words and actions and the connections that we make. Let us connect to ourselves and one another with delicious and powerful movements that serve life.

Clothing is optional. Sharing is optional. Participation is why and how we show up. This is a non-judgemental space of radical inclusivity - all conscientious humans over 18 with open minds and hearts are welcome.
VoxBody Studio is a consent-driven, safer space. Please be familiar with our studio policies and code of conduct before attending an event with us!

Bring your own mats if you have them!
Drop-in/paying at the door is still an option, but please RSVP via email to voxbody@gmail.com so we know to account for space for you!

Uncensored Yoga IS...
- a safer space for nudity and self-expression
- sometimes sexually suggestive
- a playful community gathering focused on health and healing
- at its core, a yoga class; you can expect much that you would in a regular yoga class, with more focus on community, dialogue and no aversion to movement or practices that are sexy or support healthy sex-positivity. References may be made to BDSM; kink, rope, etc and how these practices of yoga can be helpful and relate to various kink & sexual practices & relationships.
- a space driven by consent culture and mutual respect for fellow attendees

Uncensored yoga is NOT...
- a sex party, nor is there any explicit sexual activity
- a play party
- a BDSM scene (tho many people from the 'scene' may be present).

About the instructor:
Lucid Dawn ERYT,750+ is an experienced Tantrik yoga teacher & performance artist/activist who you might know as Nona Fender.
Nona Fender has lead classes at Dark Odyssey, Mission Control & East Bay Community Space as well as many clubs and festivals.
Lucid has been practicing yoga for 23 years & teaching yoga for 15. She is steeped in non dual tantrik philosophy, yoga therapeutics, many healing modalities, as well as practices to cultivate creativity and self expression.
She has healed lifetimes of trauma with the practices she now shares to assist others in their own unfolding. She brings love for all beings, her desire to live fully and investigate all aspects of being into her teaching.

Her classes have been described as "the sweetest ass kicking ever".



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