Saturday, June 6 2020
3:30am - 5:30am

VoxBody presents Shades of Shadow with Kurogami and Shiawase via Zoom

We are so excited to be able to welcome Kurogami and Shiawase from Italy to join us for a Zoom class!

Shades of Shadow: Exposure & Shame with Kurogami and Shiawase


Semenawa can be translated as "Tormenting Rope". Torment affects a lot of complex spheres of human emotionality. It can be different for everyone, but it deals with the inner hubbub in the dark ravines of our own persona. Those are the places where shadows reign.

Kurogami and Shiawase focus their research on those dynamics connected to torment: how can it be induced? What does it provoke in both tops and bottoms? Where does it lead to? They condensed all their research on this topic in a workshop named The Shadow, in which they introduce their "Chain of Torment". It navigates through the different causes and consequences of such dynamics as exposure, uncovering, control & release, abandonment, oppression and how they lead to different strong and powerful feelings like shame, objectification, frustration, guilt and so on.

Shades of Shadow is an online class that puts one of the above concepts under the spotlight. This time the topic will be: exposure and shame.
What's the difference between exposure and uncovering? Where does exposure lead to? What are the differences between shame, embarrassment and guilt? Is it possible for a westerner to feel ashamed, still nowadays? Is it ok or fair to "play" with such bitter emotions?

The class is suitable both for tops and bottoms, it's a 2h class which will include:
- Discussion: Introduction to the Chain of Torment. Focus on Exposure and Shame.
- Demo: Kurogami will tie Shiawase putting into practice some concepts explained before.
- Q & A and conclusions.

Class starts 11:30am Pacific Time (it is the best we can do to reach both time zones! Make your morning tea or coffee and join in!)

This class is open for all levels, though the presenters will assume they are discussing concepts with people who have experience with suspension/advanced tying. Presenters will not be teaching any patterns. Bring your notebooks and inquisitive minds!

* If you cannot make the time scheduled for class, you can still purchase a ticket and receive a google link to the recorded session. These links work for 48hours following the class date/time. You must purchase the ticket before the actual class in order to receive the link.

You must download the Zoom app to join the class. It is free and quick and easy. Download here: An email with the class link will be sent on the day of class to all registered attendees.
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About the presenters:

Kurogami and Shiawase met in 2014 and started to study Japanese Bondage in late 2016, attending classes and workshops by Riccardo Wildties and Red Sabbath. They got immediately fascinated by traditional style.
In 2017 they gave life to Kinkyphilia. At the very beginning, it was just a blog where they shared articles and pictures about kink, then it slowly became something more structured and also a didactic project.
In 2018, Kurogami became a certified instructor of Kinbaku LuXuria style, definitely matching Riccardo’s educational method.
As a couple, they developed a very personal path in exploring and studying kinbaku, as top and bottom, focusing on peculiar couple dynamics like punishment, exposure and shame.
Passion, consistency and commitment are the values that would better define their way of living and teaching kinbaku.
Based in Milan, they offer private tuitions in their house and they actively teach with course and workshops and perform internationally.

Find them:
Instagram: @kurogamiandrea, @shiawase_s @kinkyphilia
Facebook: Andrea Kurogami, Jasmine Scarlatto, Kinkyphilia
Fetlife: Kurogami_ Shiawase

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