Wednesday, January 9 2019
11:30am - 2:00pm

VoxBody Studio presents PRAXIS: Gender Affirming Chest Harnesses

In January's Praxis, Blue is leading a discussion and skill share around gender-affirming chest harnesses. We'll workshop harnesses that are structurally sound but don't accent the chest/pecs, and alternative/modified options that support the bottom in a spectrum of presentations. She and Rob Fatal will demo a tie that she has found to work for some of her tying partners, and they both look forward to labbing and sharing ideas!


What is Praxis?

A Rope Laboratory geared towards intermediate students who want to: continue honing their ropecraft, study variations of standard ties, build rope bottoming awareness and techniques, and experiment in a focused, collaborative container.

Fine tune your skills in: rope placement, tension, hanger position, and focus in on the micro-adjustments that make the difference in a successful tie for both Top and Bottom.

Each Rope Lab includes: a brief opening circle, a demo (~30min), open practice time (~60min.), and a closing discussion to share your experience or findings.

Praxis a collaborative learning environment, welcoming Bottoms’ equal participation, guest demos, and opportunity for you to step forward and share your favorite ties.

Expectations of students:

-Provide your own rope, safety shears, and rated hardware.

-Knowledge of rope safety and basic rope-related nerve anatomy.

-Understand the function and rope placement of most standard ties.

-Work within your skill level and ask for help when needed.

*Note: This is not an appropriate setting to learn rope suspension or tie your first TK.

Praxis is open to students of floor work and/or suspension.

A hard point will be available to each duo. Singles and self-spenders may be asked to share time on a point.

We gather every 2nd Wednesday from 7:30-10pm VoxBody Studio in the East Bay.

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About the Host

MzFur is a dedicated explorer of sensation with a curious and sadistic nature. In 2007, their first emergence into the kink scene, was amongst the Radical Faeries where they built skills in transforming trauma and conditioning through play, ritual kink, and the path of the ordeal.

MzFur became a student of rope in 2013, and began rope instruction a few years later with Hitchin’ Bitches Bay Area. They went on to create the Woven Un-conference, host workshops at retreats in the NW and at events in the local Bay Area scene.

In 2017, MzFur launched Bound Intent, integrating their background in ritual and healing arts with their love of kink and bondage. MzFur strives to create collaborative learning environments where kink is accessible to all genders, orientations, body types, and abilities.


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