Saturday, July 27 2019
4:00am - 9:00am

Building the Right Box for Your Bottom with Fuoco


This class, for bottoms and tops, explores the box tie by first exploring the different "anatomical boxes" that different bodies create.
What are the anatomical markers that dictate how we tie/like to be tied?
And which box ties and modifications meet those needs?

From a rigging perspective we will examine what sort of modifications can be made within different box tie forms, and how those modifications speak to different anatomies.
From a bottoming perspective, we'll be learning how different components of a box tie affect the way box tie feels. By understanding the way that it feels to be in a box tie that has been tied a certain way, we can better communicate with our riggers about modifications that we might need.

What are the different types of box tie and how do they suit different body types? If our preference is for a more chest loading tie, a harness with wraps in a particular place, or our shoulders set in a certain way, is there a box tie that is more right for us than another?
This class is designed to give bottoms the tools to understand their box ties better from the inside out, and communicate their needs more effectively with their riggers.

Pre-reqs: riggers should have received formal education in at least one box tie form and be comfortable with box-tie based suspension. Bottoms should be comfortable with suspension and should feel confident in their ability to distinguish between circulation and nerve sensations.

Come well-hydrated well-rested well-fed! Bring snacks to keep your energy up! There will be a break midway thru class.

About the presenter:

Fuoco began her rope journey as a bottom in Phoenix six years ago and shortly thereafter moved to London, where much of her early rope learning happened. Upon moving back to the United States, she began presenting at cons around the country sharing her love of rope. She is switchy in rope, a vocal advocate for rope bottoms, and an unapologetic feminist as she navigates the world of kink. As an educator, she's decidedly non-dogmatic in her approach to teaching. Her classes instead aim to teach bottoms to better understand their bodies and the unique needs of their anatomies and to offer riggers the tools to adapt their tying accordingly and understand the logic behind those adaptations.

When she’s not doing rope, Fuoco is a professional acrobat, constantly training to build strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Her dedicated study of the mechanics of the body make her especially interested in developing more comprehensive education for bottoms informed by these practices.

Find more about Fuoco here:

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