Saturday, September 7 2019
2:00am - 10:00am

Mind/Body with EbiBex: A Bottoming-led Day for Bottoms AND Tops


Being a rope bottom means more than just being a tied-up body. It’s a continual learning process as we discover the ways in which our minds and bodies exist in rope, how we derive pain and pleasure from being tied, and the challenges we face, embrace, and overcome on our rope journeys.

Join Bex for a day of deep dives into the spaces rope creates for us as bottoms and how we inhabit those, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Fear not, riggers, there is SO much for you to learn, practice, and take-away from this day!

We’ll start the morning talking about what "knowing yourself" in rope entails, with a focus on the physical side of bondage and suspension. After some discussion of common strengths and challenges, learning your body in rope and figuring out what you’re looking for in a scene, we'll dig into processing, identifying "good pain" vs "bad pain", and some of the challenges associated with common tie elements - such as the futomomo, ankle and thigh cuffs, torsions, and box ties.

Processing pain and other physical sensations is part of any scene, and different techniques to do so should be part of any bottom’s tool box. Bex will provide her take on bottoming for difficult or stressful ties and how she processes and enjoys a variety of challenging rope. She’ll share her thoughts as DWL puts her through some tough transitions, and invite the group to pick her brain throughout about the ways she’s found to manage or embrace pain or stress, and her tips and thoughts on active and dynamic bottoming.

We’ll then move into some bottom-led tying. How do we, especially as bottoms, figure out the type of rope we’re looking for, and how do we articulate that to a partner to get a scene everyone enjoys? We’ll get hands-on as bottoms explore directing a scene and asking for the type of experience they’re looking for from their tops, both through descriptions and specific ties. We’ll also work on a transition sequence guided by YOU and your body - you get to tell your top where to put what, and why. Does that hip feel like it could open up more if it was lifted higher? What would happen if you tied some toes into the chest harness? Let your body help you guide your top’s next move.

The second part of the day will focus more on the mental and psychological effects of being in rope.

Rope scenes can take many forms and “flavors” - sensual, silly, sadistic, educational, challenging, cathartic. But what makes a mood? What do those words mean? We’ll revisit bottom-directed tying, this time from a mood perspective. What kind of vibe are you looking for? What do you want to feel, and how do to communicate this to your top to get a scene you both enjoy.

We’ll also take some time to explore the darker moods and emotions that can be found in rope, how those vary for every person, and how they can be evoked - especially shame, humiliation, degradation, and objectification. Not all suffering comes from physical pain. We’ll talk about the psychological side of rope bondage and sadomasochism, and how to bring these elements into your rope scenes if desired. Topics like creating connection and intentionally breaking it, shame and exposure, “set up to fail,” and abandonment will be touched on, as well as the consideration and care needed for such scenes. We’ll also take some time to put these ideas into practice and see just what rope can do to your brain. (Please note: some of the material discussed and practiced in this portion of the day is considered edgeplay and may be uncomfortable for some.)

We’ll end the day on one of Bex’s favorite topics - bottoming lab time. While often talked about for tops and those tying, lab time for bottoms is just as important. Have you been trying to find your perfect futomomo placement, or wondering what kind of torsion feels best for you? This is the time to explore in an educational, low-pressure environment where the focus is on you. This is your time to troubleshoot those tough ties, or see what something new feels like with input from Bex, DWL, and most importantly, each other.

Pre-reqs: Some experience being in a TK or alternative chest harness; some experience being in suspension transitions. Accompanying tops should have experience tying TKs or alternate chest harnesses, as well as tying for suspensions and transitions.

Materials needed: bring your rope gear for suspension. Every participating duo will have a suspension point.

About the presenters:

EbiBex (she/her) is a queer, masochistic bottom who first discovered rope bondage when she was a wee baby kinkster, but in the last five years has been able to fully immerse herself in the rope scene alongside her partner, DWL. She considers herself very lucky to have learned from, tied and collaborated with some of the best rope people around, and is constantly striving to grow as a rope bottom, submissive, and model. Bex primarily approaches rope as a type of connection and partnership, as well as a form of artistic expression. She firmly believes rope bottoming should be accessible to everyone, and hopes sharing her experiences and knowledge will help others find their happy (or not-so-happy!) places in rope.

Find more about Bex here:

Twitter: @ebibex
Instagram: @ebibex
Fetlife @ebibex
Though DWL (he/him) has been shooting various subjects casually and professionally for more than eight years, he found a new world of creative opportunity when he discovered fetish photography. Upon entering the kink scene over five years ago, he found new artistic opportunities and challenges in kink photography, as well as a passion for capturing the unique energy of a scene. DWL is known for his journalistic style of documenting play, chasing moments of emotion, connection, joy, and pain. He also enjoys collaborating with other creative minds to bring ideas and visions to life in front of his lens. DWL is constantly trying new things and believes there is always more to learn. His favorite photo? “The one I haven’t taken yet."

Find more about DWL here:

Twitter: @dwlphotos
Instagram: @dwlphoto
Fetlife @dwlphoto

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