Thursday, September 26 2019
11:00am - 2:00pm

Disconnection 101 & I Just Want to Be Ugly presented by Kinkerbelle


Just in time for some Folsom weekend inspiration, VoxBody Studio is excited to welcome Kinkerbelle to the studio for a special 2-classes-in-one-night! Two of their favorite subjects to expound upon, an evening of lecture, discussion, demo and hands-on!

7-8:30 : Disconnection 101: Abandonment and Isolation

Lecture/Discussion & Hands-On

All of us have been left feeling worse for wear when we feel a disconnect from our partners. And some may think abandonment and isolation are exclusively negative, but this class focuses on how we can purposefully engage our partners in these kinds of interactions and make it meaningful. We will be looking at disconnection as an edgier form of play and how to approach and incorporate it in scenes. It doesnít have to be all bad, come and find out how we can turn this intimidating form of play into a positive and intentional experience.

8:30-10 : I Just Want to Be Ugly

Lecture/Discussion and Demo

We donít always realize it, but for many of us, our sense of identity comes from the way we present our bodies and faces. Our faces especially, act as a major source of our humanity, so what happens when we take that away or slowly pick away at it over the course of a scene? There can be profound release and realizations when we incorporate intentional disfigurement in our play. Whether you do it through sensory deprivation, rope, or another medium, there are an endless number of ways to alter someoneís identity and we will take a look at a few and discuss them in this class.

All levels are welcome!

Materials needed: ~4 pieces of rope (no suspension gear needed). You are welcome to bring (but not necessary): bandanas or blindfolds and twine (food/body safe).

Because of the vulnerability that the classes can involve, we recommend participants attending/working with others that are familiar to them.

About the presenter:

Strong, spirited, and ever-evolving. Kinkerbelle is a queer femme hailing from New England with a love for learning both in and out of the classroom and anything rope-related. As an educator, Kinkerbelle aims to fill a gap in the kink world: classes and material taught by bottoms that benefit both other bottoms and their top counterparts. They share lessons learned the hard way, things found through trial and error and show that while everyone is human and bound to make mistakes, itís a lot easier to learn from someone elseís. While rope comes in second on their list of favorite kinks, they teach about a wide variety of other things including service, touch, and communication with an ever-expanding list

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