Thursday, December 21 2017
7:00pm - 9:30pm

Introduction to Rope Bondage for Sex presented by Tom Foolery & Hexxus


Rope bondage always looks so great, but can seem so intimidating. Rope restraint is a great way to create sexual energy. In this introductory class, TomFoolery will show you a number of useful, easy and cool ties and knots so you can launch into your own rope scenes. This class will be for anyone who wants to try out rope in the bedroom. Special emphasis will be given how to use rope before and during sex to heighten the experience.
There will be hands-on practice to show you step by step how use rope to spice things up in the bedroom. There will be a lot of one-on-one help provided. Also we'll cover rope selection, safety and all the things you will want to know to make your rope adventures successful. At the end of the class you will have basic rope skills and be able to start exploring on your own.
We will supply rope for you to use during the workshop. But you are welcome to bring 2 pieces of 30 to 35 foot, 1/4 or 3/8 inch diameter rope. Also, 2 pieces of 10 foot rope. It can be any kind you like, so long as it is soft to the touch, i.e. nylon, polyester. It is best if the rope bends without forming a ‘loop’. We will work in pairs, so please bring a partner.

**Please bring a yoga mat, a light snack and be sure to dress comfortable. Most folx attending rope classes wear yoga gear. Loose/flowy clothing or tight jeans tend to get in the way.
Water will be provided.**

Discount cards for The Armory Club will be given to all attendees after class.

Presenter Bio:
TomFoolery ( uses rope bondage and suspension to express himself artistically. His 14 years as a rigger have included photo shoots, workshops, performances and play in Seattle, LA, Portland, SF and at Burning Man, among other places. He finds ropework intellectually, creatively, spiritually and aesthetically challenging. His style is a fusion of different techniques.

Hexxus ( has been a member of the Bay Area rope scene for around six years and specializes in fetish and BDSM themed modeling. In addition to modeling, she has taught workshops in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and at Burning Man. When it comes to being a rope bunny she likes to fly, spin, and swing the most, but also enjoys good floor work. She is fairly new as a rope rigger but enjoys tying ties that are clean and symmetrical while leaving all the important parts easily accessible.

You must be 18+ with valid photo ID. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Arrive on time. Any guests arriving 15 minutes after start time may not be permitted to enter. Please understand that is in effort to not disturb our intimate workshop setting.
As The SF Armory is a SF historic landmark building and cannot be altered, there is no elevator. Please contact if you have accessibility questions at least two weeks before your event.
We look forward to having you at The SF Armory, home to!

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