Sunday, October 20 2019
5:00pm - 7:00pm

Second Hand Happy: Practical Compersion Skills presented by Dr. Liz Powell


compersion (noun)
A term often used among polyamorous (openly non-monogamous) people.
Experiencing deep happiness, joy, and love when seeing a sweetie/partner/friend get a crush on, hook up with, fall in love with, or experience joy and pleasure.
Sometimes called the antonym of jealousy, though both compersion and jealousy are emotions which can exist at the same time.

Are you worried that you’re just too jealous for this non-monogamy thing?

Have you heard all about compersion but worry it just won’t happen for you?

Uncover your inner compersionist!

Lots of people find that they struggle with compersion when they move into non-monogamy. They feel great about their own dates, and they know that their excitement about a new person doesn’t change how they feel about an existing relationship. Yet, they find themselves over and over again struggling to feel as good about their partners’ other dates.

While some people do have more of a tendency towards compersion than others, compersion isn’t an inherent trait – it’s a skill. The same way we can practice gratitude to help bring more of it into our lives, we can practice compersion and make those muscles stronger!

In this workshop, we’ll explore what compersion looks and feels like, identify times you’ve felt compersion (yes, you have!), and build a tool kit to help you practice more compersion in your current relationships.

You don’t have to be ruled by jealousy and fear – find your second hand happy instead!

Presenter Bio:
As a licensed psychologist and coach, I specialize in helping you build your most fulfilling, authentic life. I teach, write, and consult on areas of sexual diversity and pleasure, non-traditional relationships, and sexual empowerment.

-You must be 18+ with valid government issued photo ID.
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-This location is wheelchair accessible.
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We look forward to having you at Kink HQ!

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