Sunday, January 19 2020
1:00pm - 6:30pm

Introductory Rope Bondage Intensive presented by Topologist


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This one-day intensive will provide an overview of the most fundamental techniques in restrictive and decorative rope bondage. If you’re only going to take one bondage class, this will cover the handful of knots that have the widest range of uses and a variety of ties that are simple to learn and easy to apply safely. If you’re at the start of a long journey into advanced rope bondage, this course will lay the foundation upon which all other techniques are based.

Taken together with the Comprehensive Bedroom Bondage Intensive on March 15th, the two-class series provides all the skills you need for incorporating rope into a wide variety of play, along with a base of knowledge sufficient to drop into most intermediate-level rope classes. Early bird tickets are currently available for that class at

Breaks & Food
There will be one 30-minute break mid-afternoon. Unfortunately, due to company policy, we’re not able to provide snacks; so please plan ahead and bring a snack with you. There will not be time to go roaming about SOMA foraging for food.

How This Class Works
This class is part of a series of lessons called the Core Rope Curriculum (CRC), a system under which hundreds of students have learned to tie since 2010. CRC uses an inverted classroom format, meaning that students learn the steps for some techniques from videos prior to class. This allows more class time for interacting with the instructor, getting feedback, and refining skills.

You will need a partner for class, but they don’t need to be a romantic partner. If you’re looking for someone to pair up with, we have a group you can post in for just that purpose.

This class is structured to allow both participants to take turns tying ; we will practice everything twice, so that everyone can experience both sides of the tie. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but we strongly recommend switching while learning at this level.

Please be assured that we welcome students with all bodies and identities. The instructor will always be happy to help you modify a technique to meet your needs and desires.

What to Study Before Class
Every participant should read Getting Started with Rope and Basic Safety before class.

Everyone who plans to tie during class should practice the following techniques beforehand:

Keeping Track of the Center
Lark’s Head Single Column
Lark’s Head Double Column
Bar Tie

The goal is to learn the steps well enough that you can repeat them from memory; don’t worry if it still feels awkward, or comes out messy -- we’ll iron out those issues in class!

Equipment You Need for Class
You will need at least 2 long (25-30 ft.) and 1 short (12-15 ft.) pieces of rope. This article covers common questions about selecting rope and building a rope kit. The best place to buy ready-to-use ropes in San Francisco is Wicked Grounds -- be very wary of packaged “bondage rope” at adult toy stores and on Amazon, most of which is awful.

About the Instructor
Topologist is one of the most widely-recognized North American authorities on rope bondage. He has invented numerous new techniques, including the Somerville Bowline, which since its introduction in 2009 has become perhaps the most widely taught tie of non-Japanese origin. He is the facilitator of Rope Bite SF and the founder of Crash Restraint and the Core Rope Curriculum. Topologist's non-dogmatic approach to teaching rope places risk awareness and adaptability center stage, allowing challenging ties to be performed while honoring a bottom's limitations and avoiding unnecessary hazards.

-You must be 18+ with valid government issued photo ID.
-No outside food or alcoholic beverage.
-Arrive on time. Any guests arriving late may not be permitted to enter.
-All sales are final.
-This location is wheelchair accessible.

Any questions can be sent to
We look forward to having you at KINK HQ!

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