Wednesday, November 8 2017
7:00pm - 9:30pm

Oil Wrestling at Catalyst

We will be having a fundraiser event for the Catalyst at the Catalyst.

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 8, 2017 · 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Location: Catalyst SF, formerly Alchemy SF, run by the Leather Alliance
Located in SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco at 1060 Folsom St.

Cost: $10 - $25 sliding scale at the door to get in. You will be given betting money at the door or inside proportional to the donation.

Dress code:
For Spectators: casual; come as you are.
Wrestlers: as bare as you dare to go.

Oil Wrestling at the Catalyst!

This is a fundraiser to help support the Catalyst with its mission of education and community building in the San Francisco BDSM community.

Would you like to watch some oil wrestling?
Would you like to bet on the competitors?

We are going to start with a small presentation on erotic wrestling, negotiation, and saftey.

Then we will have our competition: four competitors with a bracket you can bet on.

Currently we have one male competitor and three female competitors.

Competitors will be paired off in a kiddie pool.
They will have olive oil poured on them.
Competitors will not be allowed on their feet once the match begins, they will start on their knees.
The rounds will last up to five minutes.
The first competitor to pin the other for a five count wins the round.
If neither competitor is able to do so within five minutes, the judges will decide.

How the bracket will proceed:
Round 1: Our male competitor vs one of our female competitors
Round 2: Our second female competitor vs our third female competitor
Round 3: The competitors who did not win their first round will compete
Round 4: The competitors who did win their first rounds will compete

We will have brief ceremony to crown our victors

Bets will be made in funny money that can be bought at the event.
The Exchange Rate is $1 for 1,000 competition dollars.
The goal is 1,000,000 competition dollars.

The Prize:
There will be prizes for whoever:
1) Bets the most on the competition’s winner
2) Raises the most for in the evening.

Enjoy the show and place your bets!

Safety and Consent Note:
The Catalyst SF provides a space where everyone should feel safe and invited. If at any point before, during or after the party you need assistance, support, or have concerns and/or questions, please contact your host, MasterAlexV.