Sunday, June 25 2017
5:00pm - 12:00am

SF Citadel Presents CRAVE: Taste the Rainbow (Pride Edition) Hosted by impossiblepain & WistfulThoughts

CRAVE is an inclusive womenís party which warmly welcomes queer, transgender, gender-nonconforming and crossdressing kinksters. Please note that cisgender men (and those male identifying) will be politely asked to leave. This party is specifically designed for feminine energy and all women.

CRAVE seeks to be a welcoming and safe space for kinksters who are other than male identifying to socialize, build community and play together. We will provide a safe dungeon space to play in and explore as well as the music, snacks and entertainment. Come and explore the wonderful world of CRAVE..all thatís missing is you.

As we celebrate another year of PRIDE, we invite you to join us at the Bay Areaís Largest Dungeon known as the SF Citadel! Youíve enjoyed a day full of color outdoors, watching love of all kinds walk the streets and strut their positivity! Now end your evening in the cool corridors of the Citadel. Walk amongst the sexiest of bodies that the bay area has to offer and test out the equipment thatís designed to titillate your senses. Cool off from the sun but take note as your body temperature soars as you drown in adventure and hotness galore!

FEATURED EVENTS: Sampler Stations!

Knife Play Station
Flickerflame derives energy and connection from pain, yours or hers. Her play style ranges from lyrical to brutal and rarely requires more furniture than a wall and a floor (wall optional). She enjoys thoughtful conversations about BDSM: if you have played with her, she has probably asked you why you do what you do. Flicker has been active in the BDSM community since 2007 and has taught in Ohio and California.

Humiliation and Flogging Station
VeronicaBravo is a huge slut who has a thing for humiliation and flogging. Humiliation really gets her going as a top and a bottom, she enjoys getting in to the mind of her partner and making them feel extra dirty. With Flogging Veronica, likes to deliver her mix of thuddy and stingy sensations.

Rough Body Play and/or Light Impact Station
Luna Bear and her partner Kea can help you experience rough body play and some light impact with various implements. Find out about punching, kicking, and knocking someone around, consensually of course. Also, learn about playing with different disability levels.

Caning Station

MsGem is a dominant woman who prefers to work with free-spirited protocols and D/s dynamics in spite of coming into kink under a traditional training format. She believes in the symbiotic nature of D/s relationships and nurtures them with open, honest communication, consensual play and promotion of the submissive's development through participation in the kink community.


Volunteering one hour of your time gets you into CRAVE for free! And itís a great way to meet people. Sign up thread located here

Special Discounts:

We are pleased to offer a special discount at the door for members of Society of Janus, Queer Sphere and The Exiles. $5 off the door entry fee with proof of membership!

Stay Informed!

To keep current on all things CRAVE, join our group here

Up Coming Events:
Sept. 24th: CRAVE: Folsom Edition

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