Friday, September 28 2018
8:00pm - 1:00am

SF Citadel Presents: Crave! Hosted By Wistfulthoughts and impossiblepain

The World’s Biggest and Best Leather Event, Folsom Street Fair, is this weekend and we’re starting it off with a bang! Come and test your boundaries, navigate through the world of kink and unleash the passion locked within.

CRAVE, an inclusive women’s party, warmly welcomes women of all walks of life. Queer, transgender, gender nonconforming and cross dressers are all welcomed within this female energy night. Please note that cis-men will be politely asked to leave as this is NOT the party for you.

Your dynamic hostessing duo impossiblepain and WistfulThoughts will be wandering throughout the evening ensuring that things run smoothly. We’re here to help make this a memorable evening of fun and new connections. If you have any comments/questions/suggestions for this party or any future CRAVE party please do not hesitate to reach out to either of us. We are here to be your humble servants for an evening of teasing, flirting and perhaps a little torture?

CRAVE Play Connections
For those looking for some hot fun on the night of CRAVE, be sure to check out CRAVE: Folsom Edition –Play Connections. This is a space for you to advertise what you might be looking for that night in hopes of finding and planning new scenes prior to the party. What tickles your fancy? Share with us, you never know who might bite!

Featured this evening:
We're graced for the evening with lovely "Fairy God-Sampler Tops", offering a variety of different play for you to experience. These will not be full scenes and will be limited to 10-15 minutes. You can find your wonderful "Fairy God-Sampler Top" by the name tags that they will be wearing and the glow in the dark wand to make them easily identifiable! These lovely ladies will be around all night and IF they are wearing their tag and holding their wands feel free to wander up to ask for a sample! They won't bite too hard..we promise! Let them help make a wish come true!

Our lovely hostess impossiblepain will entice you with her smile and wicked laughter and offer a sampling of a caning experience not to be forgotten!
If you are interested in becoming one of CRAVE’s Fairy God-Sampler Tops please contact WistfulThoughts.

For volunteer opportunities please visit: TBA

Special Discount at the door for card carrying members of Society of Janus, Queer Sphere and The Exiles. $5 off door entry fee with proof of membership.

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