Monday, October 30 2017
7:00pm - 9:00pm

A Foundations Class
Hello, Dolly!

Cost: Suggested donation of $10-$15

Dress code: Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Street wear before entering

Doors open 6:30-7 sharp, class starts promptly at 7:00

Class Description:
They want you to understand that dollification has many forms and this will be their version of it and one other possible way presented in this class. They will open with their interest and experience with dollification then go in to safety issues/concerns. They will address various ways that one can negotiate a dollification scene, different forms of dollification by use of demo bottoms showing examples of human barbies, human stuffed animals, human army men and much more. They will go in depth with the detail they put in to their process of dollification and point out that their form is more about connection and liberation. They do not have a kink for humiliation nor degradation. So if you want to feel like a beautiful boi or be dressed up like a brutish babe then this class is the one to see....Just in time for Halloween, what a coincidence!

Presenter Bio:
Cadet Nicki S is a current San Francisco Leather Quest 2018 student. She moved to San Francisco 2 years ago from Salt Lake City Utah where she was a graduate of the SLC Journey Class 2014. She found the kink community when She first moved to Salt Lake City from Sioux City, Iowa back in 2012.
Cadet Nicki S. identifies as gender fluid, preferred pronouns are They, them, their, they have played with their female and male energy (up to this point in private) but now is the time.
They say that they are ready to share this experience with you.
Come see Cadet Nicki S and their doll demos.

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