Sunday, January 28 2018
7:00pm - 10:00pm

Hitchin' Bitches Hookah and Rope Social

FetLife Event:

The Swinging Hookah II (we will be seated at the farthest back wall on the left side)
2220 Business Circle San Jose, CA 95128

$10-$15 donation ($3 of which will contribute to the additional fee for smokers & non-smokers) plus the cost of drinks. Lusciouse & Nothing are contributing at least one hookah, so your own is unnecessary unless you don't like to share.

This is our casual monthly social for all Hitchin' Bitches in a relaxing hookah smoke-friendly atmosphere. Dont worry, smoking is by no means required--many come and just hang out, but of course we encourage you to support the venue as you can.

This is not organized as the skill share on 2nd Sundays. It's the same crowd, but this time we're lounging near a hookah, socializing, posing for Lusciouse's pictures, and watching Nothing dance to the pop songs; really, this is a fundraiser for the group at large and is an all around chill time.

Unlike other Hitchin Bitches events men are welcome to attend, but we ask that any men coming with the intent to tie rope come with a partner. This is not a space for men to find a new play partner, so please be courteous and respect the space if attending. This is the best place to come support, hang out, and rope jam with us if you otherwise can't attend our skill shares. :-)


This is a public space, do not scare the muggles! While there are half walls around each hookah enclave creating a semi-private atmosphere - no intense scenes please.

Please be aware we are in a semi-private, meaning semi-public location where we may not be able to restrict photography by outsiders. However, we are building a rapport with the hookah managers and may be able to post "No photography permitted" signs in the near future.

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