Saturday, February 18 2017
8:00pm - 1:00am


Are you ready for BDSM 201 and beyond? Pro-Inhibition is about exploring the edges of our darker desires and sometimes twisted sense of humor.

My goal is to provide a safe and consensual space for you to create your perfect storm. Please contact me, FlamingJune if you and your play partners are in need of pre-setup for your special scene.

I have more in the works but for starters I am very happy to offer a rare opportunity ...


Cretin23 and his team will be doing hook pulls and suspensions beginning at 9:00. Cretin is a professional piercer with over 20 years of experience. Catalyst is the best equipped space in the Bay Area for suspensions and we are looking forward to seeing you fly!

Sign-ups will begin at 8:30. Please plan to be well rested and hydrated. As with so many great experiences education and preparation are key. We suggest reading the ISA (International Suspension Alliance) FAQ in advance. Based on my own experience I suggest bringing an aftercare bag with a set of cosy clothes and your wubbie for afterwards. We will have water and snacks :-)

As always, ALL Catalyst SF rules apply. RSVP are encouraged but not required.

Safety and Consent Note: The Catalyst SF provides a space where everyone should feel safe and invited. If at any point before, during or after the party you are in need of assistance, support or have concerns and/or questions please speak to your party host, FlamingJune.

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