Wednesday, November 2 2016
7:30pm - 10:30pm

SF Bay Area Erotic Hypnosis Group Meetup

Each month, the SF Bay Area Erotic Hypnosis Group ( and ) gathers at the CSC to discuss, learn about, and explore the fun & kinky things we can do with erotic hypnosis, suggestion and trance.

Our meetups are a combination of lecture, demos, socializing, and group exercises. The first half hour or so is specifically beginner-friendly and introductory, there's a break for pizza, and then we'll delve into this month's topic, which is different, and led by different people, each month.

Check back about a week or so before the meetup to read what this month's topic is, or check the Fetlife group, which is the first to be updated!

What is Erotic Hypnosis, aka EH or Hypnokink?

Erotic hypnosis is the wide range of hot, sexy things we can do with trance and suggestion. This includes enhancing or transforming sensation, creating feelings of immobility or external body control, intensified emotions or experiences of DS and role play, the creation of positive hallucinations (seeing, hearing, or feeling things that aren't actually there) and playing with memory to temporarily hide recent events from recall.

We teach EH as a collaborative, improvisational process in which both hypnotist and hypnotee are active participants. Rapport and trust are the foundations of everything we do.

About Our Group

The San Francisco Bay Area Erotic Hypnosis Group was founded in 2011. Our members include many experienced and knowledgeable hypnotists and subjects, with a variety of other kinks and interests. We are focused on building strong connections with the growing organized erotic hypnosis community, as well as the kink & BDSM community in general.

We hold regular meetings at 7:30pm on the 1st Wednesday of the month at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco. Our members also organize classes, events, and meetups at other times and locations in the Bay Area.

We are the organizers of the Western Erotic Hypnosis Unconference ( and ), now in its 4th year, which will be happening from October 13th-16th, 2016, in Belmont, CA, just outside of San Francisco!