Monday, April 2 2018
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Anatomy for Impact Play
A Foundations Class

Cost: Suggested donation of $10-$15

Dress code: Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Street wear before entering

Doors open 6:30-7 sharp, class starts promptly at 7:00

Class Description:
You may have been told to avoid hitting the kidneys with your flogger. Do you know exactly where are they, which kidney is lower and more exposed? Do you know that you can cause a chronic pain syndrome by caning a superficial nerve on the thigh? Do you know where it is? In this class, a medical doctor reviews lots of anatomy you need to know for safe impact play.

Anatomy is boring, even in medical school. That's why they get to cut up cadavers...itís so much more fun that studying pictures. In this class, the instructor will paint the anatomy on a naked assistant. To insure that you get to join in the fun, you will take off as much clothing as you are willing, pick a partner, and follow along, painting the anatomy on your partner. Everyone paints and is painted. This class is a lot more fun than the anatomy coloring book. Bring washable body paints and markers: one each of red, blue, and green. Test them to be sure they wash off! Wear clothes that you donít mind getting some paint on, and a washcloth if you want to clean up before leaving. Body paints will be provided for those who need them.

Don't be shy! What better way to learn the anatomy crucial for safety than in a roomful of semi/totally naked classmates!?! Lots of people come back to the class repeatedly because its so much fun. Lets get dirty and learn!

Presenter Bio:
In the late 70's, SG found the San Francisco leather community and was educated the only way that was available then, by apprenticing to a gay leather couple. Since then, many others have contributed to his education, notably including several dozen who have served him over the years. He graduated from the Journeyman 3 Academy and has been the HeadMaster of LeatherQuest in San Francisco. He created and has been facilitating HumanAlive for 10 years, a weekly program that supports authenticity in authority-exchange relationships.

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