Tuesday, March 27 2018
8:00pm - 10:00pm

Building Connection through Hand and Foot Massage

SF Citadel, 181 Eddy St, San Francisco, CA

Cost: $10 for SoJ Members & Reciprocals, $20 All Others
Dress code: Whatever makes you feel good

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About the Program

This workshop is designed to enhance your connection to your partner through the sense of touch. In it, we will explore massage as an act of service, aftercare, and even a scene in itself. Emphasis will be on "hearing" with the hands, asking for what you need, and taking the time to truly connect with your partner. We will go over negotiation, benefits and safety. Workshop will include discussion, demonstration, hands-on guidance, and plenty of time for practice.

About the presenter

HeatherFeathers is a CMT, reiki practioner and aromatherapist who has been practicing for over 16 years. She integrates several modalities from both Eastern and Western healing philosophies into her practice, including Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, Thai and hot stone. Her focus is on connection and intuitive healing through massage and touch. She has been active in the Kinky community for over 2 years and would like to share her passion for massage with other Kinksters.

About Society of Janus

The Society of Janus is a not-for-profit, all volunteer, San Francisco-based education and support organization devoted to the art of hot, safe, consensual and non-exploitative BDSM. Janus provides an opportunity to meet others with similar interests in a safe, relaxed atmosphere. Janus is an organization open to persons of all genders, sexual orientations, roles, and experience levels. Janus also provides a chance to get involved with the greater SF Bay Area BDSM community.

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