Saturday, February 16 2019
8:00pm - 1:00am

Play Party: My Bloody Valentine

Location: Sf Citadel
181 Eddy St, San Francisco

Cost: $25. SOJ members get $5 off admission

Dress code: Whatever makes you feel good.

Did you know that the origins of Valentines Day are quite dark and bloody? It all started as a Pagan fertility festival filled with animal sacrifices, nakedness and whippings. Please join Society of Janus on Saturday February 16th for the My Bloody Valentine Party. A night to celebrate love and gore. Sexy attendants will be serving disgustingly delicious sticky, sweet treats. The walls will be adorned with blood-stained decorations that will put you in the mood for lust. Dress to impress! Other surprises await…

As a special edition to the My Bloody Valentine Party on February 16th at the Citadel, we will be offering an Introduction to Ritualistic Blood Play from 8:00PM to 9:00PM

Class Description: This is a generalized introduction to Ritualistic Blood Play. We will explore differing types of blood play ranging from needles to cutting. We will also discuss draws and incidental blood play caused by heavy impact. Stress will be on the Risk Aware and Safety aspects required to keep all of sound body. Please join us as we feed our thirst for Blood.

Presenter's Bios:

Our presenter is @Allsin: one who incarnates every form of indulgence. Here is his story:

Much like the song Sympathy for the Devil I've been around for a bit. My journey began in '93 with a Sir who loved pushing the limits of what we can do Safely. Bringing out the art and connection from the more taboo edges of BDSM/Leather/Kink. Over the years I've learned from many who also fetishized blood.
Adapting practices to keep what we love Safer and More Risk Aware. My home base has always been the Greater Sacramento Area. Teaching when and where I could. DMing and volunteering throughout Northern California. A student of and trained in Primal Play with a focus in ritualistic blood.
His demo help will be @Songbird1432 who has experience with demo support and medical play. She has also presented at the Vacaville and KOPS munches on first aid and health issues.
Society of Janus is and has always been an organization made up of the community and in service to the community. We are stronger for our diversity, including adults of all genders, orientations, colors, ethnicities, roles, and experience levels. We welcome all who have a genuine interest in kink and who respect each other's rights to self-expression, self-exploration, and authenticity. At each and every one of our events, we will strive to maintain and enforce a respectful and safe space for all attendees in celebration of this diversity, and expect the same of all attendees.

To maintain a safe and welcoming environment, we a set of consent guidelines for all of our events.

Volunteer for Free Admission

Exchange one hour of your time for free admission to the party. See the volunteer thread here:…

About Society of Janus

The Society of Janus is a not-for-profit, all volunteer, San Francisco-based education and support organization devoted to the art of hot, consensual and non-exploitative BDSM.

Janus provides an opportunity to meet others with similar interests in a safe, relaxed atmosphere. Society of Janus is open to people of all genders, sexual orientations, roles, and experience levels. Janus members are from all over the SF Bay Area. We host and sponsor events in many locations around the bay.

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