Wednesday, March 27 2019
7:30pm - 9:30pm

Leathermen's Discussion Group

Leathermen's Discussion Group Presents:

Since humans first drew on the walls of their caves, human society has since been defined and shaped by stories, that help us share our experiences and make sense of who we are. New technology has continually given us new ways of telling stories, as social media enjoys reminding us every day, but here in the notoriously new tech Bay Area, one of the most successful storytelling forums celebrates one of the oldest forms of storytelling about one of the most primal human instincts: Bawdy Storytelling.

Every month in San Francisco, and several other cities, Bawdy Storytelling showcases four or five storytellers who tell a very friendly and liberated audience of several hundred people, about sex they had. The rules state that the stories are told, not read, true and no longer than ten minutes.

We are honoured this month to welcome Bawdy Storytelling creator and host, Dixie De La Tour, who is going to tell us her story and demonstrate how she coaches storytellers at the show to deliver their best performance.

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