Friday, November 4 2016

Playground: An Adult Play Party

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Looking for an amazing opportunity to play in a dungeon? Look no further.
Join us at: Playground- An Adult Play Party
Like any good playground, we will provide all the equipment you need to have fun: Saint Andrew's crosses, suspension points, a medical room and more. You just need to bring your toys (or hands) to enjoy some fun in this adult playground.

* Intro class for people new to the scene (8pm-9pm)
* Lots of play stations
* A fully equipped and beautiful dungeon
* Spaces to lounge and relax
* An incredible atmosphere
* Much more!

New to kink/BDSM?
Welcome! This party is a great place to start. If you are new and want to know more, show up right at 8pm. We will have a class to go over some basics. Get some important info including how to conduct yourself at a play party, and in the dungeon, how to meet new people, how to approach someone you want to play with, how to respect boundaries, how to start negotiating play, and more! This is a great way to ease yourself in and get comfortable in the space.

Experienced in kink/BDSM?
Don't worry, the class will be upstairs and won't interfere with your ability to jump right in and play. The full downstairs dungeon will be open for you to start your play right away.

Buy your ticket now, cost goes up at the door. Parties at this venue sometimes SELL OUT! Don't miss out!
We welcome single and solo players to our parties (and there is lots of pick up play) but please consider bringing a date just in case.

Early Bird - $25 (through Oct. 24)
Pre-Sale - $30
At the Door - $35 (if not sold out)
Tickets available here ---- ----