Saturday, November 14 2020
1:00pm - 3:00pm

Online Class: Protocols 101: The Good, The Bad, and the Painful w/ Lady Steele

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Cost: $10 for SoJ members and members of reciprocal orgs, $20 for non-members

This class is hosted via Zoom. Please download the free version of Zoom before the class begins. This class will not be recorded in any way. Your attendance is consent to follow this policy, including screenshots. Zoom info will be sent out one hour before the class begins.

Class Description:

Protocols, etiquette, decorum, rituals, cultural standards, and social arbiters...what does it all mean? Join Lady Steele as she guides you through "real life" and "lifestyle" protocols and shows how they are intertwined, even in our everyday lives. She will illustrate how protocols do not have to be a frightening or intimidating proposition as they are tools of inclusion, not exclusion. She will also show how the "dark side of protocols" can be savored by "both sides of the slash" when incorporated.

Presenter Bio:

Lady Steele identifies as a femme Alpha leather slave. She has served in the Leather community since 1999 wherein has presented and volunteered across the U. S. and internationally. She resides in Atlanta where she operates her law practice that serves people in the various BDSM worlds and the non-monogamy community. She is the only out, open, and practicing attorney in the southeast that specializes in the issues that are unique to the BDSM and non-monogamy communities.

Lady Steele held the position of Social Coordinator for NLA Atlanta during its last incarnation in Atlanta. She is the co-founder and co-lead of the Center of Learning and School of Success (C.L.A.S.S.), the Worthless Bastards (Cigar) Club (W.B.C. Atlanta), and The Leather Coterie's (T.L.C.) Atlanta Chapter. She continues to give back to the community as Board Support, convention attorney, and Vendor Coordinator for the Leather Leadership Conference. She also serves at Treasurer of Anafiel House and is a proud member of Onyx Pearls Southern Leather.

Another of Lady Steele's passions lies in presenting about the law. Her presentations cover many family, civil, criminal, contracts, and business law topics. Specifically, Lady Steele's favorite legal topics to cover are how to protect BDSM families, non-monogamous families, and multipartnered households through legal documentation.

Furthermore, Lady Steele's Bachelor's degree in Microbiology uniquely qualifies her to speak on the topic of safety where the breaking of skin is involved, so another passion of hers include presenting on the topics of bloodplay, needle play, and cuttings.

When she is not presenting in person, Lady Steele shares her knowledge through her BlogTalk radio program, "The Legal Show," which she co-hosts with renowned Sci-Fi author Bennet Pomerantz.

She has appeared multiple times on the KinkyCast, where she has spoken to the hosts about various topics, including Consent Apps; No Collar, No Problem; BDSM and the Law; Cigar Service and Play; and Poly and the Law, among others. She has also appeared on the Poly Podcast, where she again spoke about Poly and the Law. Her BDSM and the Law podcast on KinkyCast has garnered more than 20,000 listens and downloads.

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