Sunday, March 12 2017
1:00pm - 6:00pm

Sensuali-TEA: It's Not Your Grandma's Tea Party

Join us for Sensuali-TEA. This is so much more than just your average tea party. Sensuali-TEA combines two of my favorite things TEA and sexy BDSM.

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Some of what you will find at Sensuali-TEA:

* Aphrodisiac blended herbal teas by Teaforbri (Bri herself will be there to pour and chat about her blends)
* Yummy and grounding vegan house chai
* Bliss Body Love Activation with Chanelle (starts around 2pm)
* Intentional touch workshop with Matthew of Erotic Exploration (starts at around 3)
* Tarot card reader ready to give you insight into your erotic past, present, and future
* Mindful Meditation / Cuddle Space
* Full dungeon
* And More!!

The tea lounge will be a magnificent space where you can have one of Bri's special aphrodisiac tea blends brewed for you or a cup of house chai. Some ice breakers to help you get to know your fellow party goers. Ask one of our tarot card readers to give you insight into your erotic past, present, and future.

Connected to the tea lounge is the Mindful Meditation Space. At 2pm in the Mindful Meditation Space there will be a mindful movement and intentional touch workshop to help you get back in tune with your body and bring more awareness to how you touch yourself and others.

Bliss Body Love will include dance, yoga and mindful movement. Mindful movement can be an amazing tool for releasing stuck emotions and energetic blockages. By moving mindfully and bringing awareness to the body, we can transmute stuck emotions and also with awareness and intention invite in more of the emotions and sensations we want to feel, such as bliss, love, vitality, energy and eroticism.

When that is finished you can use that space to relax, exchange a massage, cuddle, or ???

Downstairs tranquil music will fill the dungeon play space creating an environment ripe and ready for sensual and kinky play. Perhaps you want to put on a blind fold and let someone lightly touch your body, get a deep or powerful flogging. The sky is the limit to possible pleasures you might find in the play space. (And yes, we welcome respectful voyeurs who just wanna watch).

This event is open to all genders, orientations, races, experience levels, and body shapes/sizes. We have a zero tolerance policy for anyone being disrespectful of the boundaries of others. No thank you means NO THANK YOU and a yes only pertains to the specific question asked and does not mean a person cannot change their mind.

Single - $30
Couple, Triad, Etc. - $25

*At the Door*
All - $35

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