Sunday, April 2 2017
6:00pm - 10:00pm

Church at The Catalyst

Start Spring off with Church at SF Catalyst! A new Queer POC (Persons of Color) play party for all your Sunday worship and healing needs. Help us spread the word to as many POC as possible if you want to see this party happen.

When opening SF Catalyst, it was requested that we make sure that it is a POC safe and inclusive space. CHURCH is a POC run and maintained event. CHURCH is operated by a team of POC volunteers.

We will open CHURCH with a cleansing and healing of the space by Miss Renie (who is also our door person and greeter) followed by a circle where we can state our needs and desires.

After a 20 minute skill share it's Play Time!

This is a 21 & up Queer POC space; LGBTQ, women, gay men and trans people are welcome. Allies of POC always welcome.

Part of our misson is to be afforable to all those in the margins:

$20 single admission
$15 per person in household of 2 or 3 people
$12 for first 10 tickets.

Volunteers get free entrance! Please contact Stela Furtado directly.

We hope to see you all here taking our rightful place and claiming space at this new cultural center!

We have a ramp for accessibility to the main floor. Please contact us for details.