Sunday, October 13 2019

Seat of Power: Sub Skills & Switch Empowerment

Switch it up with us! No matter what side of the slash you are on, there are ALWAYS skills to be learned, re-learned, un-learned, expanded, honed and challenged along the journey of conscious BDSM play. Discussion topics will include consent practices, communication and negotiation, and a brief overview of the psychology of different approaches to power exchange (including top/bottom, D/s, M/s, service, pet play, big/little, and mentorship). Hands-on practice with pain management and breath exercises, meditation, and position training is intended for all players to develop self-awareness, self-discipline, and unearth their warrior heart - you can harness these skills to bring back into the bedroom, dungeon, as well as food for your own personal path of growth. Class is dedicated to a focus on accessibility for all bodies as well as the mind and spirit and reflects on therapeutic benefits of BDSM as well as concerns for long term self-care and corrective exercises. The impact of trauma, disability, and socialization of privileged and marginalized communities is examined while fostering mechanisms of compassion for self, and empathy for others. Explore your curiosities and question internal assumptions while using somatic techniques, theatre drills and primal expression as access points for the seasoned and uncertain switch alike. This class also introduces concepts surrounding self-collaring, service switching, and nonbinary relationship structures. Leave with new and revived grounding and empowerment skills, release from socially engendered shame, and intuitive insight to human experiences of both vulnerabilities, and victory.


Advance tickets available for $25-$45 pp through Brown Paper Tickets:

Or get tickets at the door for a sliding scale of $30-$50 pp.


Fox & Faye are passionate members of the SF kink and queer communities who love to perform, educate, empower, and inspire. Bridger Fox is a devoted social justice activist, health/sex educator, stunt actor, erotic arts performer, master martial arts trainer, and health policy academic. From touring as a professional speaker on LGBTQ rights in the 90s to founding Progressive Martial Arts the school of social justice and self defense, their goal is always to challenge abusive social norms and advance the social discourse on sex positivity, gender, healthy relationships, and feminism. Davey Faye is publicly known for over a decade of adamant commitment to conscious erotic empowerment, perseverance over trauma, and switch visibility. Reviewed as both sexual savant and shamanic healer, they are passionate about primalism, sacred intent, service, mental health advocacy, gender transformation, storytelling, and healing through kink. Bridger Fox & Davey Faye can regularly be seen at Twisted Windows, BaGG, DO: Surrender, Opel Productions events, Voxbody Studio, SF Citadel, and other sex-positive venues and conventions locally and nationally. As a dynamic nonbinary poly duo, they share a constant dedication to consent culture and disability awareness, carrying that into all of their classes and performances, and strive to enable ALL bodies and ALL identities to achieve their goals and desires. Check out their recurring Wicked Grounds Annex programs Warrior Workout, Pack Night!, and SP&RC (Sadistic Primal & Ritual Craft). Follow them on IG @foxnfaye @bridgerfox @mxdaveyfaye


The Wicked Grounds Annex is accessed via one flight of stairs from the ground floor. We regret that no elevator access is available. Once upstairs, the space is fully accessible.

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