Saturday, October 5 2019
2:00pm - 4:00pm

Monogamy Munch

A monthly meeting and discussion group for monogamous kinky folk (18 years or older, please) to meet other monogamous perverts for food, drink discussion, and community! Meet to mingle and munch in the back room.

It can be challenging to be monogamous in the Bay Area kink scene, where many people are poly. This is a discussion group for how monogamous folks might navigate the kink scene. We love and respect our poly friends and recognize that we have different values. How do we relate to poly folks, respect their life choices, and be true to ourselves?

What does monogamy mean to you? Does it allow you to play or do BDSM outside of your relationship? How do you define your monogamy? Sexual, sensual, or intimate? For people not already in a relationship, how do you learn about and explore BDSM?

We intend to have a speaker or discussion topic some months, so please feel free to suggest topics that interest you.

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