Tuesday, July 2 2019
2:00pm - 5:00pm

Kinky Coders

Join us for an afternoon of working on programming projects, networking, picking up new languages, and making new friends at the Kinky Coder munch.

All experience levels of programming are welcome, whether you're been programming since punch cards, or are starting your first codecademy lesson. This is a great place to run into some experienced programmers to help you out if you're stuck.

Are you a person of color or a woman or nb? Come combat tech industry imposter syndrome-- this event is run by women.
Bring your own vanilla project, your code tutorials, or a kinky project. Ever wanted to make your own consent app? What about a custom bluetooth-operated vibrator? A hypnosis app designed to brainwash and confuse? Or, if you're looking to do some volunteer work for the scene, you could help redesign a community website!
We're here to create a kink-friendly co-working and networking space once a month. Normal kinky space rules apply. Please ask consent before touching anyone or their toys (computer) in any way.

Here's our fetlife group:

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