Sunday, July 14 2019
2:00pm - 5:00pm

Sacred/Sadistic Play & Authentic Raw/Ritual Craft


Sacred/Sadistic Play & Authentic Raw/Ritual Craft

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presented by Davey Faye @mxdaveyfaye

SPARC gathers every 2nd Sunday (except June, which will be the 3rd Sunday) from 2 to 5pm, doors open at 1:30pm

April 14th, May 12th, June 16th, July 14th, August 11th, September 8th

In realms of both spiritual practice and kinky ordeal, tools are intrinsic to our craft. Whether those tools are a perfectly balanced flogger, the underside of your boot, a fibrous skein of coconut, or the instant connectivity of hands to flesh whether they are symbols we draw in the sand or on skin, or honored spirits that inform our journeys we use tools to manifest sensation, dictate response, command energy, and provoke transformative change.

SPARC (Sacred/Sadistic Play & Authentic Raw/Ritual Craft) is an ongoing series of classes weaving together an educational path dedicated to sacred intent, energetic awareness, ethical foraging and hand-crafted tools. We invite you to whittle down your resources to only that which the natural world provides, and offer a landscape to develop specialized skillsets and explore the nuances of shamanic intent within sadistic play. There will be discussion around sacred and energetic techniques, historical context and cultural recognition, demo instruction and supervised hands-on practice, as well as reflective learning with peers about applications to power exchange and relationship dynamics rooted in both kink and spirituality.

These classes are of the woo but are invitational to all, cerebrally meant to incite curiosity, arouse primalism, and promote use of intuition so please attend with an open mind! All individuals walking a path through BDSM or spiritual practice may find opportunities for ecstasy, empowerment, self awareness, ordeal, transformation, or healing. Each class may be taken separately per your specific interests, but every installation will feed into the next, collectively developing a well-rounded education on sacred approach to a unique repertoire of tools. Join us for this intentive and intuitive journey into the world of naturalistic play, elemental energetic work, and consciously practiced craft!

(Please respect the sensitive nature of this material as well as your fellow students and endeavor to arrive on time and scent-free. A light mess-free/noise-free snack, water bottle, cozy clothing, and a blanket or comfort object are always recommended. Sliding scale class fee of $25-50 per person includes the cost of supplies during instruction. Additional supplies will also be available for purchase to take home. If financial accessibility is a concern, there are always 1-2 scholarship seats per class, please contact Davey at to check availability.)

APRIL 14th Porcupine Quills: Pokey & Potent

The intrigue of a porcupine quill is palpable. Playing with these natural needles can be aesthetically beautiful, and sensationally intense. This class will teach you the practical skills of how to properly clean and prepare your quills, safely use them in scene, and aftercare techniques, as well as reflect on the historical use of quills across multiple cultures. We will hone in on how to include external and internal rhythms to amplify the experience, and examine how the physical structure and chemistry of quills changes the story arc of a scene, drawing out the physiological and psychological experience even when the quills have been removed. Finally, we will discuss how these tools can be applied beyond sensation or sadism, into performance, stationary art, meditation, and ritual ordeal.

MAY 12th Feathers: Foul & Fair

We've all had our hands at a little feather play. The deft control of gently brushing on the skin, the quick delight of tickling. What else is there to discover? Starting with an examination of the evolutionary design, this class will cover gathering and cleaning techniques, legal concerns, as well as how to prepare your feathers for different approaches to sensation play, including constructing your own feather fans, quills, and other tools and accessories. Several local species (such as crow, hawk, turkey, and seagull) will be discussed for their unique properties and energetic strengths, including potential for primal play. Come prepared for a class that bridges between serious focus, and inspiration for the whimsical trickster in all of us!

JUNE 16th Human Canvas: Feather Quills & Edible Inks (Incorporates Skills from Feathers)

This class will cover constructing your own feather quills for a a delicious, intuitive, and magical form of sensation play: human canvas ink art. Learn how to prepare your own colorful, sumptuous, even medicinal edible inks, with the intent to be used in combination with your newly crafted feather quills on a willing partner, partners, or yourself! Use this opportunity not only for sensation, but to employ our greatest tool the human body to create art, tap into your playful side, or manifest powerful symbols. Then, release the beast and primally devour (or lovingly lick off) these spells cast upon skin.

JULY 14th Herbal Ordeals: Nettles, Thistles & Thorns

Thorns and thistles and flora, oh my! From stinging nettles to aloe edges, blackberry branches to eucalyptus leaves, that which grows from the ground is abundant in sadistic play options, either accenting on pain or manipulating sensory input. Methods for gathering and preservation will be discussed to create a bounty of possibilities for play with sharp sensations, olfactory stimulation, edible curiosities, chemical play, and dermal reactivity. Bring work gloves, and be prepared to be stung!

AUGUST 11th Bite Me: Tooth & Claw

Across many traditions, species-specific claws, bones, fur, and teeth all have been employed with particular intent for ritual why not also for play? Tune into various birds and beasts with opportunities to touch and wield handmade tools, and explore a selection of locally found stones (such as quartz, obsidian, pyrite and others) known for energetic potentiality and capable of offering a range of sadistic or intense experiences. After a conversation around the impact of sensation both to the body and the psyche or spirit, we will make our own tooth or claw talismans not only intended as tools for play, but also as reflections of strength, self-discipline, and grounding.

SEPTEMBER 8th Blame the Woo: Energy & Science

Let's cut to the quick: not everyone is "of the woo" but all humans rely on intuition, skills of observation, and this elegant energy-powered meat-sack we call our home - our bodies. The human body is proclaimed by philosophers, spiritual esoterics and scientists alike as a conduit, a system of electricity, a powerhouse of potential - get down to the nitty gritty of it, swallow anti-woo pride, and learn about, practice, even debate what it is to play with energy and examine those feels and coincidences that happen every so often as an innate part of the human experience. Learn what it means to be energetically sensitive, and coping skills for practitioners (and partners of) from all walks of life. Meditative and somatic techniques, channeling and intentive magicks, juicy warm up and soothing aftercare skills, and marginalized community awareness will be offered alongside lecture and group discussion.


Mx Davey Faye is an enthusiastic erotic artist, educating exhibitionist, and community oriented woo-tastic playslut full of service and snark. They identify as an enigmatic genderfuck beastie and polyamorous pansexual sadomasochist, with an appetite for primalism, scarification, and a particular love of porcupine quills. Davey possesses a background in classical literature, mythology, and theatre, and they are deeply interested in the power of storytelling through kink. In performance they strive to examine themes of gender, vulnerability, shadow dancing, perseverance over trauma, and erotic empowerment. Reviewed as both a sexual savant and shamanic healer, you can find this bitch of a switch regularly presenting at venues in the SF Bay Area and sporadic national conventions. They are a managing partner of Bondage-A-Go-Go, a regular performer at Twisted Windows and Opel Productions events, a founding facilitator of Oakland Rope Collective, creator of the ongoing series SPARC and Pack Night, and are also known to relish collaborative opportunities with other presenters and artists. For over a decade, Davey has danced, surrendered, and battled with words, paint, rope, blades, electricity and fire both privately and publicly, and continues to do so while rising into roles of dissociative advocacy and disability awareness. Follow the fun on Fetlife, Twitter or IG @mxdaveyfaye @foxnfaye #queerquillqueen #enbysinlove #theythemandfemme

Future SPARC topics include: Strike Me: Wands & Staffs, Instruments: Musical & Magickal, Rendering: Death, Creation, & Chaos, To the Bone: Tools & Tricks, Bind Me: Rituals & Restraints, and Sacred Scarification: Micro-Tattoos & Branding


A note on safety: many sadistic tools the natural world can provide are inherently implements of chemical play, and involve consciously working with the individual's sensitivity to micro-toxins and allergens. Tops should be prepared for exposure risk as well as bottoms. Participants will be shown how to safely test these tools on themselves before progressing to partnered or solo play (participation is not mandatory). While instructions on how to minimize risk during sensitivity assessment will be provided, please contact the presenter in advance if you have specific concerns. All levels of experience are invited to join, and attendees are encouraged to participate solo, in pairs, as a group, or only observe per individual limits and desires ♥


Please note that the Wicked Grounds Annex space at 293 8th St is ADA friendly once upstairs, but stairs are the only means of ingress and egress to the Wicked Grounds Annex space. If you have any questions, please message the event organizers and we will do our best to answer them!

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