Sunday, August 11 2019
11:00am - 1:00pm

Tarot 101: Now Without Gender Norms!

Have you ever wanted to learn to read tarot? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the idea of memorizing a little book of card meanings/felt those little meanings are hard to apply to your actual life? Have you ever wondered HOW to use tarot cards to gain deep spiritual insights/whether or not boys (or people of your preferred gender) like you?

Have you ever felt weird about how a lot of people are like "The Emperor is your strong assertive MASCULINE energy and the Empress represents sweet nurturing fecund FEMININE energy" because like maybe femininity isn't always nurturing and fecund and maybe masculinity isn't always strong and assertive and maybe separating and gendering segments of our own personality is like... IDK dividing us from ourselves in unhealthy ways?

Then do we have the class for you!


Vincent Monroe is a writer, tarot reader, satanic church lady (who happens to be a man) and professional dominatrix who has been reading tarot for more than 20 years. He is flamboyantly gay and lives with his Satanic priest boyfriend in the Bay Area with their very bad cat and SO MANY ALTARS. His work has appeared in such publications as XOJane, Cleansheets, The Necronomicon short fiction collection and The Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy except not actually that last one.


$15-$35 sliding scale in advance or at the door.

Please purchase tickets in advance through Brown Paper Tickets here.


Please note that the Wicked Grounds Annex space at 293 8th St is ADA friendly once upstairs, but stairs are the only means of ingress and egress to the Wicked Grounds Annex space. If you have any questions, please message the event organizers and we will do our best to answer them!

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