Sunday, January 26 2020
2:00pm - 5:00pm

HOGTIE RACES | Hitchin' Bitches Rope Skill Share – Oakland

This is our monthly gathering at Voxbody to induce passionate skill sharing between all Hitchin' Bitches. We spend a few hours a month in shared rope lab time. This includes asking questions, sharing ideas, problem solving together, following along with others, riffing with the rope, and generally rope jamming together.

This event is made possible by your donations, Voxbody, and the volunteers.

WHO Is A Hitchin' Bitch?
Hitchin Bitches are: all women, all transgender, non-gender-conforming, non-binary, and gender-fluid people drawn to tie, share, and experience rope first hand based upon peer-to-peer learning and sharing of concepts. During the occasions where there is an abundance of rope tops or bottoms, we encourage Hitchin Bitches to switch. You can come meet other "Hitchin Bitches" at the skill share, or bring a bottom (of any gender). Male bottoms need to be accompanied by a Hitchin' Bitch rope top/rigger/dominant and respect the Hitchin Bitches ethos.

WHAT Are We Doing?
Together we are creating a safe space for us to collaborate, practice, learn, and find their own rope voice. We want to create a thriving network so that we are representing and represented in the broader kink/leather communities by creating a non-intimidating environmental to explore by learning from each other.

This is what to expect:

Negotiation 101
-basic safety
-rope peer-share
-interactive rope play
-members helping members
Don’t worry if you’re completely new to rope, absolute beginners are always welcome. More experienced Hitchin Bitches are equally encouraged, whether you want space to practice, to work on more advanced ties, or are looking for the chance to share your knowledge with others. If there’s something you’d be interested in teaching the group, message Hitchin Bitches or post a discussion on our FetLife group page.

As this is a rope event, please only engage in rope activities, please no other type of play. We’re happy to see a little tickling, pinching, and other toying (provided of course you have consent), but this isn’t the place for other play.

Please feel free to bring your own rope. If you do not have any, we will be providing some; please be sure to return what you borrow.

As with any kind of bondage, safety is paramount. All attendees participate at their own risk. Please make sure you know where your safety shears/cutting tools for rope are, as well as your needs as rope top or rope bottom and communicate these. No means no; this is first and foremost a learning environment, not a cruising spot. No drugs or alcohol.

Photography is permitted, but only with the explicit consent from all of those in the image, including those in the background: please make sure to ask for permission and discuss how the photograph will be used.

VoxBody Studio
VoxBody is committed to cultivating a safer space for community. Please read through the studio policies before your first visit. Please remain familiar with its tenets, which is posted throughout the studio. If you have any concerns or questions, talk to Blue or the Hitchin Bitches host(s) who are running a particular event. PLEASE BE COURTEOUS TO THE NEIGHBORS WHILE ENTERING AND EXITING THE BUILDING AND KEEP THE NOISE TO A MINIMUM.

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