Thursday, May 16 2013
8:00pm - 10:00pm

The Fuck is Swifter than the Cry: Raping with Intent and Care

Fantasies of rape and violation are powerful and appealing, but challenging to properly fulfill. How can we abduct, control and violate someone in a way that is erotically satisfying for all parties? How can we “rape” with severity but without lasting damage? From the psychological preliminaries, to the actual enactment, to the aftershocks, we must conduct our “rapes” with savvy and care. This class will forcefully present the many vicissitudes of violation, with a particular focus on how to ravish safely and erotically. We will primarily focus on violating male bodies, but all genders will be covered, and anal rape will receive special attention since it equalizes us. Bring an open mind, erotic sensitivity and your predatorial or victim drive.

Eve Minax is a renowned kink presenter and pleasure artist who delights in proliferating carnal knowledge. She is a lifestyle and professional Domina and acts as the Lead Staff Instructor for the Cleo Dubois Academy of SM Arts. She teaches at a variety of events including DomCon Atlanta and LA, IMsL, Thunder in the Mountains, Efest, and KinkFest. Locally, she presents classes at the SF Citadel, Edges, Stormy Leather, and Good Vibrations and elsewhere in her travels. Minax is a former coordinator for CineKink: Chicago, and the West Coast Coordinator for the LA&M Road show. She writes a regular column for Carnal Nation, works often with, and has been pioneering a new genre of pairing kinky sex with food: Sexcipes. Minax maintains a loving and extended leather family throughout the world.

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