Monday, April 17 2017
7:00pm - 10:00pm

Poly Under 40 Coffeehouse Munch

Amanda & Tom and various other people will be chatting, socializing, and generally getting up to wacky hijinks at the Wicked Grounds coffeehouse next Monday. Attendance varies but is almost always between 15 and 30 people. This is not a discussion or activism group, but rather just a regular social gathering - we will repeat this event the 3rd Monday of every month. Feel free to arrive late or just stop by briefly.

We welcome poly and nonmonogamous people (new, curious, or experienced) under 40 years of age. We also welcome the 40-and-over partners and lovers of people under 40, though we ask that you attend on the same evening as your under-40 partner.

We will probably be in the back area of Wicked Grounds. Our table will have a plush animal on it. We ask that people buy dinner at Wicked Grounds, if you have the funds.

After the coffeehouse, there may be an outing to the Death Guild goth dance club ( or to a bar, depending on interest.

To arrive by public transport, take the BART to the Civic Center station in San Francisco and walk three blocks southeast along 8th. If you drive, do not leave anything valuable and visible in your car.

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