Saturday, April 22 2017
3:00pm - 5:00pm

Furry Friends Munch

Welcome all Bay Area furs! Come on down to Wicked Grounds to hang out with other anthropomorphic fans. This is just a chill event to meet others in the furry fandom. Come with your sketch book, your notebook, your ears and tail, or just yourself. Fursuits are welcome, BUT be warned that the space is rather narrow and there isn't a changing area.

Scaled, furred, fethered, or finned, all fans of anthropomorphic animals are welcome and embraced! All genders and sexual/romantic orientations and presentations will be respected. This is a hate free zone, please be respectful of every one.

Good food, good coffee, and good people are staples of Wicked Grounds. And they are lovely enough to let us use the space for free, so please buy a thing if you can. There are a lot of vegan and gluten free options. (And don't forget to tip your lovely baristas!)

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