Sunday, March 11 2018
1:00pm - 4:00pm

Needle Play for the Clueless with the TooBadMice!

How to Stick it to Your Friend Without Getting Blood All Over Everything!

Advance Tickets:

Your friends keep posting all those squicky photos of themselves sporting colorful needles in their breasts, cocks, or labia. Scary and edgy, true, but you can't deny that the corset pattern down someone's back is attractive, or perhaps you noticed how proud that girl was as she flapped her feathery wings. So at long last you've decided to give it a try, or perhaps you have evil plans to decorate your sub.

Needle play is a very popular and rewarding form of BDSM. This is a basic class for anyone interested in needle play: safety, supplies, setting your environment, etc... We will include a small demo of basic technique, how to select areas of the body for poking, etc... as well as methods for relaxation and management of fear. Included will be a demo of "What to Do in Case of a Needle Stick." We will also discuss how to manage piercing as a warm-up for other activities. Too often needleplay is the end of a scene, but many people want to keep going and do other things afterwards...

We will also teach techniques and benefits of self-piercing both as an alternative to practicing on strangers all the time and as a fun skill for a bottom to have. If there is time and interest, we will also demonstrate some basic artistic techniques that can be used to enhance your needle scenes.

This presentation offers THREE hours of instruction and practice, with plenty of hands-on and one-on-one assistance in a smaller group format than most classes. All materials are provided.

A little about the TooBadMice:
The TooBadMice are a couple of notorious switches who have been part of the Bay Area BDSM community for well over a decade. When they're not gleefully poking their friends with sharp objects, or being poked, they are usually busy creating silly and painful games, conducting high voltage experiments on each other, or applying zippers to victims with evangelistic fervor. First entering the scene as photo and demo models, they have been involved with classes and demos for over a decade at dungeons such as Castlebar, Dragon's Keep, the Scenery, Edges, the SF Citadel and the Looking Glass, as well as other venues such as QSM, the Society of Janus, FantasyMakers, BDSM Southern Oregon, and KinkFest in Portland. Most recently they have taught classes and hosted events at Black Thorn in Oakland and at Alchemy in San Francisco.

They can be reached at

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