Sunday, September 22 2019
1:00pm - 5:00pm

Single-Tailing and Self-Empowerment: A Whipping Workshop with Master Scorpio!

Join us for an Empowerment through Single-Tailing workshop with Master Scorpio! This whipping workshop offers a critical examination of how we can empower ourselves and others through single-tailing.

There will be opportunities for everyone to handle a whip in this class. For this reason the class is oriented toward couples. Please come with a whip bottom and/or a whip Top.

Advanced Tickets (tickets limited to 10 couples):

Fetlife Event:

Some of the topics and concepts that will be addressed in this workshop are the following:

- Commitment and Conviction.

- Discipline and Ritual.

- Breath and Energy.

- Sex Magic and Progression.

Students can expect an inspiring and motivational workshop that explores the methodical training involved in the expert employment of the single-tail in order to instruct and inform those on both sides of the lash.

Some additional learning outcomes for students are the following:

- Developing first throw.

- Feeling what you ask of others.

- Becoming aware of how to cultivate the breath.

- Understanding how to apply concepts and why they are important.

- Where to strike and where not to strike.

- Best positions.

- How to conduct sessions.

- How to use progression.

- How to integrate other elements.

Opportunity for volunteering and scene assistance is available!

Instructor Bio:

BDSM/sacred leather educator, body acceptance/therapeutic sensation advocate, writer, whip artist! Master Scorpio has been on his journey since 1998, after 15 years of apprenticeship and volunteering to Master Tim of the 15 Association San Francisco.

Master Scorpio established the Dominance Dojo SF, now Dark Eros Dojo SF, at the SF Citadel in 2013. Dark Eros Dojo is still operating and holding hybrid workshops, classes, events, private and semi-private lessons and mentoring at venues like Wicked Grounds, SF Citadel, Mission Control, Sacred Muse/Blackthorn, and The Monterey community Alliance.

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