Saturday, February 29 2020
3:00pm - 5:00pm

Skin Deep: Cutting for play with Shay and Stefanos!

“Join Shay and Stefanos for Skin Deep, an edge play class on the Art of Cutting!”

There is nothing quite like the sensation of a cutting -- the fear, as you see and feel a blade against your skin, the sharp, immediate pain as the cut is made, the slow tingle and wet feeling of blood dripping down your skin...

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Fetlife Event:

In this class, Stefanos & Shay will discuss and demonstrate surface cuttings using sterile scalpels, including information on both freehand and patterned cuttings using transfer paper.

While they teach -- and preach! -- that you should always go into a cutting assuming it will scar, their focus in this class is to partake in cuttings as play (as opposed to cuttings as body modification) while seeking to minimize scars.

There will be a focus on risk awareness & mitigation, and making cuttings as safe and sexy as possible. While the technical information is a crucial starting point, this class will go beyond the basics, discussing cutting as spiritual play and working within a D/s dynamic.

This is an advanced edge play topic.

About the instructors:

Stefanos & Shay are a vivacious, unconventional D/s couple whose entertaining, information-packed classes have been called "better than a Vegas act. Shay is the author of Tying & Flying, the first-ever book on self-suspension; Stefanos is the CEO of Bondage-a-Go-Go and Steward of The Upper Floor on

They identify as pansexual polyamorous playsluts, purveyors of perversion, and alliteration fetishists! In between traveling internationally to present and perform, they are based in San Francisco, where they host over 60 events a year (including BENT, Twisted Windows, Self-Suspension Open Space, & Bondage-a-Go-Go) and were named King & Queen of Pervert's Prom in 2006!

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