Saturday, September 19 2020
8:00pm - 12:00am

Unity Virtual Play Party - A fundraiser for Inner Sanctum and Catalyst

We may not be able to see each other in person right now; but we are still a community and we are still going to play….virtually of course.

Ticket Link:

As always The Unity Party reinforces what we have in common while celebrating our differences, learning about organizations in the community that create events and support the spaces where we explore, learn, and play.

During this virtual play party, we will be using a few different technologies, primarily Discord. Discord will allow attendees to:

Join by video to:

- Socialize with other attendees via video chat.
- Do solo scenes.
- Play with someone on cam who is in your pod or who you are sheltering in place with.
- Chat one on one with other partiers.

If necessary, Zoom may be used as an overflow/backup platform for video play. Whether on Discord or Zoom, video must be enabled to participate in video channels. You may wear a mask to hide your face but no lurkers please.

Take part in text channels to:

- Chat with other partiers in chat rooms or one one one.
- Share erotica that you have written or enjoy.
- Show us all pictures of you and your play.
- Share links, memes and other fun things.

Connect With Kinky Organizations

As with all Unity parties you can count on being able to connect with some of the various kinky groups that make up the fabric of the Bay Area kink community. Representatives from the groups will be on hand to provide information about what they do, events they organize in the community and answer your questions. So if you are exploring your interests, looking for new experiences or connections, or just curious about what’s out there in this rapidly changing world, be sure to check them out. Alpha Academy, Stampede and Wicked Grounds are just two of the various groups that will be available at Unity and more are coming on board all the time.

Pre-Party Speed Dating Event

We will be having a free optional speed dating event before the party using a service called Icebreaker. Stay tuned for more details and also watch out for more exciting announcements about Unity!

Your hosts for the evening will be Frey (Kinky Prom, Vivid, SF Munch) and Diablo (Spank, Blush). This event will be actively moderated.

Virtual Party Special Rules

Since this is a virtual play party, we have some special rules specifically for this event. While we will do our best to enforce these rules, we cannot fully control the actions of others. Please be informed of the risks.

Absolutely all recording or screen captures of any text, sound or video that takes place during this party is forbidden. Anyone who is found to have violated this prime rule will be banned from all future online and real-world events. Violators information will be shared with all other organizations and venues in the Bay Area..
Taking part in any of the video channels or rooms requires you to have your video enabled and you to be visible on camera while in the video channel or room. You may wear a mask or otherwise protect your identity.
Absolutely no interrupting or inserting oneself into peoples scenes by making comments unless invited to do so..
If you are watching play, please be considerate of others. Video streams may be limited in number, so watch for a while, then check out other parts of the party too.

Standard Unity Rules:

Part of our responsibility in fostering a consent culture is to provide guidance to help prevent consent incidents from happening at our events. Any consent concerns can be given to the hosts at the party or here on Fetlife, with a promise of confidentiality if desired.

Consent is paramount - informed and voluntary consent is always required before play. The entire scope of any scene, including what parts of the body there may be contact with and the nature of such contact, should be negotiated prior to beginning any actual play.
People at our events come from different backgrounds and have vastly different life experiences. All attendees may expect to be treated by event staff and other attendees with respect irrespective of age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, body type, disability, etc.
Attendees should not be addressed as “Mistress”, “Sir”, “slut”, “slave”, etc. or any potentially offensive terms or violating words unless they have given prior permission.
Each participant in a scene is responsible for making sure that everyone involved in the scene has the mental and emotional ability to give informed and voluntary consent for the scene. We consider people who are under the influence of substances, in subspace or otherwise not in a clear state of mind to be incapable of giving informed and voluntary consent.
While playing, players may not do anything that was not already explicitly agreed to.
Any participant in a scene has the right to withdraw consent at any time by means of an agreed-upon safeword, or a non-verbal safesign. Once consent is withdrawn, all activity in the scene must stop.

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