Saturday, May 22 2021
1:00pm - 3:00pm

In Sickness and In Health: Loving a Partner with Chronic Health Issues

Join Auntie Vice for an insightful class about negotiation, consent, and how to meet the needs of a playmate suffering from health problems.

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Almost half of adults live with some form of chronic illness. This includes physical health and mental health conditions. The chance is high that you love someone with a chronic condition or disability.

Living with and managing a chronic condition in a relationship presents one set of challenges. Loving someone and coming to understand their needs and capacity is another set of challenges. This class is geared toward people who love someone (or partner with someone) who has a chronic condition.

The class covers both physical and mental health conditions as well as when the two intersect. Participants will discuss how to talk to their partners about health and needs, how to cope with the fluctuations in abilities and availability as a partner loving a chronically ill person entails. The class covers consent 2.0 issues for negotiating with health and wellness in mind. It provides tips and tools for adapting play to meet the needs of both you and your partner (including a fun "How to Have Sex in a Wheelchair" chart).

The class begins at the early stages of a relationship: dating and pick up play. We cover how and what to ask to get the fully informed consent you need to feel safe playing with people. We cover how to date and take accessibility into consideration. This includes tools on how to broach topics of physical and mental health conditions. The class then progresses to negotiating and adapting both forms of kinky play and power exchange so that you can engage in healthy and sexy fun with a chronically ill partner.

Recognizing that partners of chronically ill folks may have different physical and emotional needs which should be met, the class covers coping strategies, negotiation techniques, and managing non-monogamous options.

All class participants will leave with a packet of tip and tool sheets for reference.


Auntie Vice (all pronouns) is a kink writer and educator. She has a BA in psychology and a Ph.D. in Political Psychology. For the past six years she has been working as a freelance writer and educator focused on kink, adult sexuality, gender, and disability. Her work includes two nonfiction kink books (The Big Workbook for submissives, Love Letters to a Unicorn), her blog, a podcast (Fat Chicks on Top), dozens of erotic stories and novels, and storytelling performances.

She approaches kink from the submissive perspective and works to discuss all genders, races, sexual orientations and abilities in relationship to power exchange and kinky play. She is agender, queer, kinky, and disabled.

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