Saturday, September 18 2021
7:00pm - 12:00am

Mask-arade ~ An Open Pansexual Play Party!

Five10andLeggy and Klik330 cordially invite you to Mask-arade, a delightfully wicked play event at the beautiful Black Thorn and Sacred Muse dungeons! Here’s your opportunity to play safely in two of the best play spaces in the area, nestled in a lovely neighborhood in Oakland and outfitted for every kind of kinky play.

Mask-arade is a party that embraces the mystery and sex appeal of mask wearing. If we must wear a mask, let’s show how well kinksters can roll with the punches and wear them with intrigue and flair! Dig up, buy or make a mask that showcases how sexy, outrageous, or scary you can be! Make sure your mask is well-fitted and covers your mouth and nose.

Some fun masks can be found here:

Advance Tickets Only:

As part of the fun, we’ll be hosting a contest for who has the coolest mask. The first prize winner will be granted a one hour dungeon rental in The Attic! The second prize winner will get a Black Thorn T-shirt! If you want to be in the contest, let your host know and we can give you a bracelet to wear. A big bowl, pens, and strips of paper will be available during the party. Write down which mask you think should win, fold up your paper, and put it in the bowl. At the end of the night a tally will be made and winners announced!

Don't be shy, come out to play! All walks of life, gender identities, sexual orientations, fetish interests, Tops/bottoms/Sswitches/curious are welcome!

House Rules and Play Party Etiquette:

Proceeds from this play event will go to support the Inner Sanctum Dungeon building project.

Entry Requirements

All guests must be vaccinated AND show a 72 hour negative Covid test result (a self test upon arrival is acceptable). Vaccination cards, test results, and temperatures will be checked at the door.

DMs will enforce the “restaurant rule”: Keep your mask on unless you’re eating, drinking or otherwise using your mouth.

Please do not attend any social events if you live with someone who is immunocompromised.

Special Attractions

Kinky Speed Dating pre-party (7:00 pm-8:00 pm). If you haven’t tried this yet, now’s your chance! It’s great fun and there are no commitments. Space is limited! Get your tickets here.

Master Scorpio will be at your service as House Top for the evening.

Finger food and beverages will be available to help you replenish between scenes.

Getting There

It’s important that we keep neighbors happy and not take up all the parking spaces in the neighborhood. Please do not drive in; plan to arrive by Uber or Lyft instead, if you can. Don’t forget to confirm you are getting into the right car! It’s also a good idea to avoid walking the streets at night with a toy bag. Crime is at an all time high; safety first!

The Why on Entry Requirements

If we want to have “vaccinated only” play parties and yet, vaccinated people can still carry the virus, then we also need a negative Covid test result to grant entry. This is just logical. There's a small chance that someone could get infected after being tested, before the party, and while a vaccinated person might experience mild Covid symptoms, an unvaccinated person could wind up in the hospital or worse. That is why this is also a "vaccinated only" event. In the age of Covid, these are the extra steps we need to take in order to keep our community safe. Covid tests are easy to schedule, there are numerous testing sites, and it’s free.

About Masks

In order to comply with the current mask mandate, everyone still needs to wear a mask when gathering indoors unless you are eating, drinking, or engaging in oral play. Yes, you can engage in oral play. We expect you to put the mask back on when you’re done. DM’s will be interrupting scenes, if necessary, to enforce this expanded version of the “restaurant rule”. After all, eating food and eating pussy are not that different, right? Now, with all these boxes checked, let’s relax and have fun!

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