Friday, June 15 2018
8:00pm - 1:00am

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale is the lovely FemDom party at Catalyst. This is the night for all ladies who love to top and those who love to bottom for them, to come out and mingle or play. While this event is primarily for dominant women and submissives that play with them, we welcome everyone over the age of 18 who is willing to be respectful of this dynamic. The Hitchin Bitches leads ( will be hosting; let us know if you have any questions!

$20 at the door, cash only.

Dress code:
Raunchy or classy, sexy and powerful, or whatever your favorite dungeon wear may be.

Fully equipped dungeon
Intimate cozy lounge for sensual play
Social area for mingling
Delicious snacks
House Tops and House Servants
Interested in impact play? The house tops will be doing negotiated 10-15 minute scenes.

If you are an experienced top and would like to volunteer to house top at the party, please contact us. If we don't know you, please describe your experience.

Supporting Hitchin' Bitches:
This event will be fundraiser for the amazing local Bay Area chapter of Hitchin' Bitches. HBs mission is to empower women with rope and we here at Femme Fatale are all about it. Come out and show your support.

If you are a women/genderqueer/FtM/intersexed and are interested in a group to learn, practice, and grow your tying, please talk to LusciousVirgin, Nothing, -Holly-, or Dioxazine! All of our events are listed at

We appreciate help running the party! Volunteer for one shift for free entrance to the party by commenting in the thread at soon to be posted to the Bay Area Hitchin' Bitches group ( ). If you would like to DM and the host doesn't know you, please send a private message describing your experience in advance. If you would like to be a house top, please send a private message describing your experience.

1) Ask First
Do not touch anyone without the person's consent. Negotiation before a scene is strongly encouraged.

2) No Scene Interruptions
If people are at a station in the dungeon, do not approach and talk to them. If people are cuddling after a scene, do not pester them either.

3) Be Excellent to Each Other
Everyone is expected to be respectful and responsible. Always consider the well-being of others and yourself before acting. The dungeon monitor (DM) is wearing an orange vest. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable in anyway, come talk to the DM or a party host.

4) Keep Catalyst Beautiful
No shoes on the upholstery.
Upon completion of a scene, spray and wipe equipment for the next people.
If you dirty a sheet, put it in the laundry in the shower room.
Trash: Green = compost; Blue = recycle; Black = landfill.
No fire play under the wooden loft.
For wax or any messy play, bring a tarp.

5) Pictures
Everyone (including people the background) must have consented to having their picture taken and what will happen with it. Do not take a picture of the entire room. Check your camera for mirrors.

6) No Drugs or Alcohol
Do not partake at the party. Be sober when you arrive.

7) 18+ to attend.

8) Edge Play
If you intend to do any kind of scene that is out of the ordinary or that is edgy and might lead onlookers to worry, please talk to the DM before the scene.

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