Saturday, August 1 2020
1:00pm - 4:00pm

(CANCELLED)SF Citadel Cashier Training
1pm - 4pm

The SF Citadel Presents: Cashier Training
SF Citadel Presents: Case Scenarios: Cashier Training!

Exploring the exciting world of volunteering at the SF Citadel by joining us for our cashier training class!

During this class you will take the first step in being one of the faces of the SF Citadel as you take on the role of a volunteer cashier!

Case Scenarios: Cashier training is very different from most other cashier training classes -- after less than an hour of lecture, the instructors get down to actually SHOWING scenarios and letting class participants troubleshoot these situations.

The SF Citadel believes that the best way to learn how to Cashier is by actually Cashiering and practicing customer service and decision making processes in realistic situations. By providing concentrated examples of many situations a cashier might encounter, this class will provide "real life" training that will serve both experienced and novice Cashiers well.

Note that if you are interested in cashiering, this class (although a mandatory part of training) does not alone qualify you to Cashier at the SF Citadel (there are additional steps to complete!)

Your Instructors:

Cyn Bio:

Cynthia, or Cyn, has been involved with the kink scene for 6 years and during that time they've taken an interest in providing educational resources as well as being a resource for people new to the community. They regularly volunteer at the SF Citadel's Newcomers night, as well as many others, as one of SF Citadel's Ambassadors. They have also worked at Dark Odyssey as Manager on Duty as well as attended events at IMsL, panthea-con,, Catalyst/Alchemy, South Bay Spot and others around the country for the last 5 years, typically in a volunteer position. Volunteering is a passion for Cyn and they bring that to anything they do, doing everything they can to make a space that everyone can feel free and safe to express themselves.

Cali Bio:

Cali has been involved with the kink scene for more that 7 years, originally from the south bay Cali has had a hand in organizing many munches and events at the South Bay Spot including Saturday Morning Cartoons and a discussion group for littles. She also currently runs the Unity Munch at Wicked Ground. Cali spends most of her time working with SF Citadel as an ambassador, helping to run the Newcomers event along with many others. Cali typically spends most weekends giving introductions to the SF Bay Area Kink Scene to anyone who would like it and has a passion for helping and educating newcomers.

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See you there!

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