Wednesday, March 7 2018
7:00pm - 10:30pm

SF Bay Area Erotic Hypnosis Group Meetup

SF Bay Area Erotic Hypnosis Group Meetup

Each month, the SF Bay Area Erotic Hypnosis Group ( ) gathers to discuss, learn about, and explore the fun & kinky things we can do with erotic hypnosis, suggestion and trance.

Starting February 2018, our meetups will begin with a social hour/coffee munch at 7pm at:

Peet's Coffee
1400 Mission St #130
San Francisco, CA 94103

Please keep an eye out for the femme with the purple mohawk, and/or the table with the glowy/blinky light on it.

From there, at 8pm, we'll proceed to the CSC across the street for the educational portion of our evening. The address is:

Center for Sex and Culture
1349 Mission St
San Francisco, CA

Our meetups are a combination of lecture, demos, socializing, and group exercises. Things start out specifically beginner-friendly and introductory, but all meetups do also include at least some more advanced material, so there's something of interest for all skill levels.

You are welcome to arrive as late as 9pm (though you will miss introductions!) and depart whenever you wish.

We have a specific class/topic every month, with a rotating panel of local and visiting presenters/facilitators. Please visit our website or Fetlife group ( ) for info on this month's topic!

Examples of topics we've had before:
Dolls, Robots, & Other (Human) Playthings
Playing With Altered Identity, Dissociation & Memory
Taste of Hypnokink
Training Your Hypnotic Partner
Trance Is Not Sleep!
Hypnotic Orgasms
Building a Hypnotic Scene
Improvisational Hypnosis

### What is Erotic Hypnosis, aka EH or Hypnokink?

Erotic hypnosis is the wide range of hot, sexy things we can do with trance and suggestion. This includes enhancing or transforming sensation, creating feelings of immobility or external body control, intensified emotions or experiences of D/s and role play, the creation of positive hallucinations (seeing, hearing, or feeling things that aren't actually there) and playing with memory to temporarily hide recent events from recall. It can be used on its own or in combination with other fun, often BDSM-type things!

We teach EH as a collaborative, improvisational process in which both hypnotist and hypnotee are active participants. Rapport and trust are the foundations of everything we do.

### About Our Group

The San Francisco Bay Area Erotic Hypnosis Group was founded in 2011 as the first Bay Area hypnokink group. Our members include many experienced and knowledgeable hypnotists and subjects, with a variety of other kinks and interests. We are a queer-run group and welcome people of all orientations, genders, abilities and backgrounds.

All our meetups are beginner-friendly; no attendee will be required to participate in any exercise, demo or trance session. It is totally okay to just attend and observe. That said, we strive to foster an environment where people feel comfortable practicing with one another and trying new things. Attendees are held responsible for respecting other people's limits and being clear about their own.

### An Important Note:

If you attend, or indicate you may attend our events, you may be contacted by someone associated with a group of people that have been defaming our group for several years. This group has mounted a concerted campaign against us, and has rejected all efforts toward mediated resolution. We can make ourselves available to discuss this with you to the extent that we are able, and we are very sorry for any discomfort you may experience if you're contacted.