Saturday, April 14 2018
9:30am - 7:00pm

RopeDojo w/ Midori

A Rope Bondage Weekend: A Dojo styled intensive from the foundational to the subtle advanced nuances with Midori and Senior Cadre Member Delano.

Want to learn about rope bondage?
Frustrated with short workshops & demos?
Do you want personalized attention to improve every aspect of your rope techniques?
Are you ready for the disciplined approached to take you to the next level?
Have you wanted to know what Midori teaches her personal apprentices?
Are you a total rope beginner with the motivation to move past your hesitation & blow your lover's mind with hot scenes?
Or have you already lassoed the basics and ready for a real challenge?

In this concentrated weekend, you will uncover the heart & soul of the rope experience from both the top and bottom perspectives.

From the basics and building solid foundations to developing speed & efficiency, from brilliant scene planning to the nuances of fine topping and bottoming skills - they'll put you through the paces and improve your skills.