Tuesday, April 3 2018
7:00pm - 10:00pm

Bay Area Rope Club - Rope Jam

We are a group of dedicated rope enthusiasts. We promote a safe, open space for everyone interested in rope to come and learn. We encourage skill share within our group to not only grow the community but to create amazing connections for people. We are accepting of all gender, size, skill, orientation, sexualities.

Our gatherings are a combination of skillshare & presentations, play-time, & social goodness. We will start each event with skillshare time or a specific presentation followed by time to break out the ropes to enjoy some good rope jam time!

First time at BARC? Get to know us!
We will be starting off at Wicked Grounds for some coffee & social time (6-7) then heading over to SketchPad Gallery @ 505 Natoma Street (7-10)

Also have a look at our group fetlife page for an FAQ and other updates. fetlife.com/groups/142907